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Sotirod's Dream

In the forty-fifth year after the ascension to god by Denariel, I, Sotirod, priest of Denariel, was visited by a presence in a dream. I saw a lady, obviously Denariel by the pale yellow, blood-stained dress she war. She walked up to me and said:

“My noble priest, I come before you tonight to tell you of one that will lead Alowca’s armies through a drastic change. This man is my chosen one to protect Alowca’s lands. However, unlike you, he will not be a believer. He will be a soldier, fighting to protect his friends, not the Trinity. My chosen leader will question whether an unbeliever should stay in Alowca. He will not want to send his friend away. He need not worry about this, as this man will have proven time and time again to be protected by me. That is why I am telling you to write this down, so that when he reads it, he will know not to question your document when it is found in haste. My blessings are upon you, Sotirod.”

And with that I woke up. I immediately rushed to write these things down and am placing them in a place where none will ever find it save they are about to go through that drastic change. I trust that you who are reading this will be the chosen leader Denariel is talking about. If it is you, may Denariel’s blessing pass on to you.