The Pantheist Path

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Welcome, Seeker of Truths! True Enlightenment can be approached from many roads, which lead inevitably to eight ways, which lead to the True Path, the Pantheist Path. Though we have as yet no temples of learning, this is but a short matter of time, and we already have Forerunners, those whose dedication, devotion and blind faith have made them ready and worthy to recieve the wisdom to guard the Pantheist Path, now that it has arrived.

The Forerunners

The Forerunners, or, as they are more commonly known,The Templar Order, embody the virtues, beliefs and dedication of the eightfold path, and whose wisdom, curiousity, courage, hope, charity, dedication, and most importantly, Honour, have allowed them to determine the Truth that is the Pantheist Path. Do not mistake the Templars for the Seekers of Truth or its Clerics, however, for they are warriora, whose consensus helps shape and determine the truth of the pantheist path. But once set, the road's course is shaped by its followers, not by its finders. The Temple is a seperate organization, and one who is a Templar may not be a Pantheist, and so forth.

The Temple of the Path

The Temple itself is structured rigidly, with five ranks, or tiers, of progressive enlightenment, as an initiate grows in his understanding of the truths and their patrons, the eightfold path and its patron gods. Below are the five ranks of the Temple, and their respective duties.


The lowest tier of followers of the Path, Seekers are those who have joined the temple, but have not yet come to full understanding of the path, or have not chosen to become a Preacher of the Path, and do not yet seek to spread the truth of the Gods and the Path. Seekers may be of any class, and their admission is free.


The Preists of the Temple, and second lowest tier of followers of the Path, the Clerics are those who spread the word of our Faith, and whose wisdom and constant debate seek to expand not only others understanding of the path, but their own, as we come to appreciate the many roads a person of any creed or nation may take to the Pantheist Path. Clerics must be Preists or Heroes, and must seek to spread the religion of our faith.


The high-end of the Temple Hierarchy, Arch-Clerics speak for the community of faithful within their home nation, and are often the Judges and High Preists of that realm, but in lands where they have not as yet found understanding, this may be an elected spokesperson. Arch-Clerics are not necessarily more complete in their understanding than Clerics, but rather are the official voice of the Temple and its members, and determine the official stance of the Temple on issues through debate and consensus. They need not be Preists or Heroes, or to have ascended through the ranks through the spreading of the word, only that they have been chosen as spokesperson for their nation, and or its Pantheists.


Seven chosen from the most dedicated, faithful and wise of our Clerics and Arch-Clerics, the Avatars are the Voices of the Seven Known Gods of the Pantheist Path, each speaking for one of the seven powers, and wielding their divine wisdom and might for the good of all. Avatars are rare and powerful preists and heroes, and are chosen for their skill and experience. It is rumoured that there is an eighth avatar, one who serves the unknown faceless god of the eighth path, but how they might be found, who they are, and what powers they have, are as yet unknown.

The Supreme

The Highest Preist of the Temple, the Supreme is chosen from among the Arch-Clerics and Avatars to be the Decider of Temple Policy, the passer of laws, and the head of the religious arm of our faith. They must communicate with the Templar Grandmaster, and it is the they who must co-ordinate relations and beliefs of the Templars with the Pantheists. Whoever holds this position is, as their title suggests, the supreme spiritual power of the faith, and is widely regarded to be infallible, and possibly even posessing of near-magical powers of wisdom and understanding. See also Spiritmonger, who, though now discredited, was the first Supreme.

The Eight Ways and their Gods

The Pantheist Path is a tolerant faith, expansive and open-minded in its search not only for the truth, but all means by which it may be arrived at. Thus, it is widely believed that there are indeed many gods, most worthy of worship, and most of whom faith and understanding in will bring one closer to one of the roads to the truth. Of the many gods, we venerate eight above all others, those whose purity of purpose and power, determines and defines the Eight Ways, the following of which will bring one to True Enlightenment and Understanding of the Universe around us. Below are those Eight Deities

The Eagle, Lord of Justice, Order, and the Birds

History claims that the eagle came from Monagle, a mountain region where these birds of prey live and hunt in a cold, windy and harsh climate. The eagle is seen as wise and a token for power which explains why many of the rich families hold these birds on their family weapon. The path of the eagle is a hard one. This silent hunter demand respect but is fair and tolerant. There is no beast more rational that the eagle and for that reason it speaks true and just. There aren't many who take the path of the eagle as it demands years of study and training in harsh spartan like conditions. Many have died following this path which explains why the elders of the true path never encourage younglings to follow the path of the eagle. Nevertheless the few, who after years of solitary life walk down the mountains of Monagle are respected as one of the wisest and most enlightened. They speak truth as it was law itself and just like the eagle the always remain calm and hold order.

The Dragon, Lord of the Heavens

Patron of Drachenwald, Abington and many other realms of High Nobility, the Dragon's Path is a difficult but worthy road to tread for Seekers.

His sphere is the Divine, the Unknowable Mysteries of Creation, such as Alchemy, Astrology, Mysticism and yes, Magic. The Dragon is a wise and inscrutable Master, and many have spent decades seeking the Truth on his path, only to fail.

The Dragon is a renowned enemy of his "kin" the Serpent, for the Dragon stands for Truth, and the Nobility of Creation. Although few can truly know the essence of the Lord of the Heavens, it does not take a dedicated seeker to recognize that the Path of Deceit and the Path of the Natural Lores cannot help but clash.

The Goat, Lord of the Beasts and the Fields

See Da Way for further information on those who have dedicated themselves to this quixotic deity of the natural world.

In the Pantheist Sphere, The Goat is not seen, as it is seen by some, as a manifestation of evil and darkling ways, but as a kindly master of the agricultural world, herding and guiding those who are kin to the beasts and to the beneficial plants of the world.

His sphere is the Fecundity and Bounty of the Natural World, and when peasents make offerings to the spirits of the earth and wood, it is "he" who recieves such offerings.

The Lion, Lord of Warriors and the Noble Animals

The Serpent, Lord of Shadows, Deceit and Vermin

Known by many names, the Serpent has many followers, particularly in the Ash Sea Islands. They believe that he has invested them with his power, and charged them with guardianship of their lands.

It is possible that this is true, and we encourage followers to dedicate themselves to a Path, but dedication to the Path of the Serpent is a dangerous and possibly counterproductive one. The Serpent embodies Lies, False Promises, Dishonour and Villainy, and following his false creed will only lead a Seeker into deeper confusion and Darkness.

We reject the teachings of the Serpent, and discourage all Seekers from treading the Path of Lies, which rarely leads to the Ultimate Truth.

The Lady. Lady of Wisdom, Charity and Fertility

The Architect, Lord of Works, Labour and Civilizations

The Faceless God

Whose domain is lost in the mists of time, and whose power is unknown.

Many scholars have sought to learn the truth of the Eighth Deity, its place in the cosmos and the full extent of its power, but any and all conclusions so far have been little more than conjecture. Whether we will ever know what the Eighth Way and its God is towards Enlightenment is something we have strived for, and failed. Now we wait, to see if the Truth of that path will one day become known, as it has been said that "all good things come to they who wait."

More to come, as we wait for the day our Temple can take physical form.