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Spread of The Blood Cult
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Note: This page is intentionally not being updated to further protect the faithful and sacred locations, heretics having threatened them on multiple occasions.

Religious Sites

Sacred Locations


These are locations considered important to the religion as a whole.

  • Gaxano - The sacred mountain, the place of origins. It is where the truth came from and from where it first spread, the most holy place.
  • Coness - The blessed tundras of the north, it is where the faith was allowed to rebirth.

These are locations considered important to some cults within the faith.

  • Sect of Xerotl
    • Darhauyo - The region which held the Lord's original temple. This is also where King Ben's was put to rest.
    • Villriil - Contains Jean-Olivier's secret vault, which holds, among other artifacts, his death bed, though his body has disappeared.
    • Fwuvoghor - The promised land, upon which the Lord has set his followers, for his followers to rule and fight for the Lord.
    • Nemeno - A safehouse of Xerotl for an extremely long time.
  • Sect of Arxantl
    • Zisswii - The region which the great Arxantl arrived and ruled for some time.

Other Important Locations

  • Jobo's Mouth - Though dangerous of access, communion with the shadowlands is easier from here.
  • Mio Dupaki - a place to pay respects to the dead.