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House Tarvitz


House Tarvitz's origins can be traced back through the line to the region of Nid Tek on the continent of Dwilight. Before the lands became civilised by various realms they were, what was then, Chiefs of a village. However, as civilisation came to the world, and the region was conquered they pledged their support to the realms, and in return were granted a seal of nobility - as they were now 'lords' of the village.

Originally they were merely contempt to oversee the running of their village. Over time however their village began to grow as the lands became more civilised; peasants were coming from other, uncivilised regions, to live there. Soon enough the village was now thriving, and one of the major food producers of the region.


As time past, various members of the Tarvitz family began to take up arms in defence of their homes. The lands, although civilised, were still plagued by the occasional monster horde and undead gathering. The army of the realms were not always able to defend them from these incursions and so the members of House Tarvitz took up arms and went out in search of these monsters before they had a chance to form a horde.

Such is now the work of an adventurer, although occasionally a noble of House Tarvitz will heed the call to return to their origins, and will set out in search of such hordes. Most of the time they are never heard from, or seen again, however there are some who become well known for the work that they do, and so earn the favour of Lords and Ladies of the land.

Those who did not heed the call of the origin's, as it is now referred to, stay at home to train in the different arts that is expected of a minor noble. None of the members of House Tarvitz had sought to be greater than their predecessors', however all that changed recently.

The First Born Twins

Saul and Garro were born to Devan and Airianne Tarvitz, who was at that time 'Lord' of the village. As time passed the two of them learned the ways of the noble: honour, etiquette, sword fighting, jousting and speech. Saul was the more accomplished of the two, succeeding in everything that he performed and first time, for the most part. On the other hand Garro did not, taking some three or four attempts in some cases to succeed at what he was attempting.

Although there was a clear difference in their abilities the two bore no ill-will against the other. When he had the time to spare Saul would oft help his brother with his tasks, and in return Garro would tell him the ways of the people. For although accomplished at being a noble, Saul was not in touch with the people as much as his brother was.

At their coming of age, Saul deemed that it was his place to remain in Dwilight, and Pian en Luries. For although they were twins, he was the older f the two - being born mere minutes before his brother. Garro decided that he wanted to see a different realm and new experiences with a different way of life and culture: so he set off for the continent of Atamara.

Family Code

The members of House Tarvitz are brought up by a code, a code that they are taught is to be followed above all else. It does not matter where they are, or what they are doing; the code takes precedence over anything else that they are taught. For they are taught that the code they live by is what defines them as a person, and to break their code would mean that they are no longer the person they sought to be.

  • Never break an Oath
    • To break an oath would be the greatest dishonour that a member of House Tarvitz can bring upon themselves. Should this occur, they are banned from visiting the Family estate and all ties are cut. There is no way to regain the honour that would be lost from being an oath-breaker and as such, House Tarvitz members prefer death over the breaking of an oath.
  • Never conspire with the enemy
    • To conspire with the enemy would bring great dishonour upon the member of the family and the family itself. Becoming the enemy, changing sides, is acceptable, but conspiring with the enemy is not.
  • Respect the Gods
    • Members of House Tarvitz were brought up worshipping the Gods Zisa and Tyr. They are taught to always honour the Gods and respect them, for they are divine beings that created us and protected us.

The Family

Head of the Family

Saul Tarvitz

Members of the Family

Garro Tarvitz
Tristan Tarvitz

Deceased Members

Family Fame


FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
(Saul, Pian en Luries)
FB Duke.png
(Saul, Duchy of Askileon)
FB Lord.png
(Saul, Ciarin Tut)
Sum: 4 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 6 points

FB Tournament Champion.png
Tournament Champion
(Saul, Held in Askileon - Swordsman)
Unique Item
(Daemon, Accurate Staff of Destruction)
FB Guild & Religion.png
New Guild & Religion
(Saul, Curia Regis)
FB Investment.png
Family Investment
(Saul, Askileon)
FB Marshal.png
Lead an Army
Sum: 8 points

Sum: 0 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
(Saul, Swordsmanship)
Sum: At least 1 point

FB Unknown.png
Sum: At most 3 points

Total: 16 points