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Moved to Anaris Family to conform to family name conventions. The old links will still work, but it's better to change them to reflect the new page. --John 11 September 2005 17:01 (CEST)

Greetings, Delvin!

(Note: I could not figure out how to directly respond to your note, so I use this way. Hope it works)

Would this happen to be the same person who played Tan o'Kammar in Riombara a while ago? If so, the realm invites you to return, and will welcome you back :-) --Anaris 3 February 2006 01:24 (CET)

Yep, I am the player of the Serrai family; Tan o'Kammar was one of my characters. I do thank you very much for your invitation and will gladly accept it - in fact the son of Tan is already in Yssaria on the East Continent, awaiting his chance to find a ship travelling towards Beluaterra. The chance to return to Riombara is my main reason to return to this game....and I have to say that I am astonished that I was already noticed.

When starting to browse through the realm information that is availiable before (re)joining the game, I was extremely pleased to see that Riombara had survived and astonished to see that it is now larger than ever before - Herkan d'Serrai can't wait to get home...

Till then,