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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Arnor
Part of::Sacred Oak
Harry Weisz
is regiontype::Rural
East Pastureland

Morek-icon.png Taishan

With infinite plains and grazing land, Taishan is dotted with small huts and gatherings spread out around a large village. Most of the peasants are farmers and herders, with the occasional carpenter or craftsman.

Theres not much so far, with much of the land still in the hands of Mother Nature. However, the first patch of grass land has been claimed by humans with the construction of farms and other small buildings. Notably there is also a temple and a barracks to the side of the central village.

Estates have been built on a hill on the east side of the region, where Knights can oversee their plantations. Their estates are helping educate the peasantry in the ways of things like crop rotation and irrigation as to improve the productivity of the region, as well as deploying as police during times of unrest.

Morek-icon.png History

-Anabellium's Tenure-  After first receiving the region from Grand Master Deverka, I went about setting up a court system and stabilized the region by sending the more rebellious Dwili to the 'cooler'. (To cool their heels that is, not to freeze them)

About a week later, I accepted oaths from two of my present day knights, who would be Sir Stormcrow and Sir Date.

With their estates helping to exert control, I had the time to raise a recruitment center which now trains some of the finest Mixed Infantry in the realm.

A few weeks afterward, I visited the region again. This time it was to direct the construction of a temple to the Blood Stars. With her came stonemasons and wood workers from the city of Donghaiwei and before the day was out, a rudimentary place of worship was established.

The peasants showed interest in this new religion and I am happy to say some have converted already.

Morek-icon.png Troops

  • 'Taishan Bowmen' - Archers

Morek-icon.png Local Commodities