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Sandalak is an Enlightened Dictatorship, currently ruled by His Divine Highness Boswick I.

Sandalak has defeated Ikalak and taken its capital, and is now concentrating on crushing Taselak. The nobles of Sandalak believe it is their destiny to rule the South-East Island.

All nobles who take the oath of allegiance and prove their loyalty are likely to find themselves a welcoming realm. There is plenty of activity for a noble to quietly and efficiently go about their duty, and a seat on the extended council or a prominent position in the realm for those with the ability and desire to serve.

The official island-wide newspaper of Sandalak is the Sandalak Sleuth which, with the help of the Office of Information, aims to provide unbiased and accurate reporting for the benefit of all in the South East Island.

And as of recently, Sandalak has it's very own national anthem, composed by the realm's minstrel, Harald Martius. The anthem is dedicated to Sir Lone Wolf Del Toro, King of Taselak, and Sir Castamir Corsairs, High Marshal of Taselak. Their cowardice and/or ineptitude were a most welcome source of inspiration.

Council of Sandalak (Official and Honourary positions)

Official Council

  • Boswick I, Ruler of all Sandalak
  • Sebastian, General of Sandalak, Marshal of the Army of Sandalak, Baron of Fali
  • Sheldar, Judge of Sandalak, Duke of Toren Stronghold
  • Cyperus, Duke of Sandalak City
  • Alexei, Duke of Ikalak City

Honourary Positions

  • Little Ogre, Minister of Dictatorial Security
  • Keyser, Minister of Propaganda
  • Various council members and region lords


Office of Dictatorial Security

This office, headed by Little Ogre, is responsible for the security of the memory, rulings and body of His Divine Highness. This includes, but is not limited to, responsibilities such as:

  • Acting as a bodyguard for HDH Boswick I when necessary
  • Crushing internal and external resistance to the enlightened rule of HDH
  • Reducing the population of overpopulated enemy regions
  • Disposal (consumption?) of bodies after battles, surplus population eliminations (see above)

Office of Information

The Office of Information concerns itself with the management of information, such as:

  • The release of information to third parties, island-wide, etc
  • Re-education programs for those trappd by Ikalak propaganda
  • Funding, staffing and general management of the Sandalak Sleuth

In addition to these duties, the Office of Information manages the various medals adopted by the people of Sandalak to recognise their greatest nobles.

Hall of Heroes

Those who gave their life for the glory of Sandalak. Whether on the battlefield or in the shadows, these men and women fought bravely, and paid the ultimate price. Their legacy will live forever.

Fernando, former General of Sandalak, killed in battle
White-Tiger, killed in battle
Zoe, killed in battle
Styrbjørn, executed by Ikalak
Emmitt II, executed by Ikalak as a "traitor"
Darius, killed in battle
Najib, killed in battle
Canth, killed in battle
Aesurrin, executed by Ikalak
Tojira, killed in battle
Donnie, killed in battle
Lorddeath, killed in battle
Bojrab, killed in battle
Zekk, executed by Taselak

History of Sandalak

First ceasefire with Ikalak

First ceasefire with Taselak

Second ceasefire with Ikalak

Second ceasefire with Taselak

Ikalak's demise

Conquest of Toren Stronghold

Genocide in Taselak

Medals of Sandalak

Here you will find a list of all Medals of Sandalak, and those who were awarded them.