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The Republican Herald

News from Madina, Candiels, Fatmilak and Fissoa.
Printed in Port Madina
Spring 2011 Edition

The News

June 8th, 2011
The Republic and Aurvendil forced into diplomatic negotiations by delegation of foreign nations
In other quite troubling news, a delegation of D’Hara, Barca and Terran has officially anounced to involve in the conflict on Aurvendils defense if the Republic is unable to come to peaceful terms with the traitors.

This has come to great shock and many wonder what conditions might be realistic to reach. The Delegation is directly influenced by any instability in the southern marocidens penisula of Candiels. Decvilization will decrease the food market and increase rogue attacks on there borders.

Judging on the course of the conflict, The Republic highly values there obvious right to prosecute there criminals and rightful claim on the duchy of Candiels. If these terms would be ignored by the foreign delegation, any treaty would have no ground to stand upon and will eventually lead to an ovbvious inevitable conflict.

This is what Grand Dodge Vallyn has to say on the issue:

“We are being heavily pressured by Terran, Barca, D'Hara, AND Fissoa to cease hostilities against Aurvendil.

Indeed, Terran and D'Hara have effectively threatened to send armies to enforce a "peace" between us.

I of course have been aggressively defending our right to Candiels and the legitimacy of our war, but that is entirely pointless - they seek war with us, rather than peace and are more than capable of carrying it out given that we do not hold Madina's walls to fend off a sea invasion”

Clear words of a quite frightening scenario that will be an intensive task for Grand Dodge Vallyn to prevent in an acceptable and realistic manor. As one of it’s founding members and one of the greatest Lord Admirals in Madinan history, we have trust in his capabilities to stay strong in these troubling times for Justice and Freedom.

June 8th, 2011
Aurvendil launches ‘Sovereigns Herald’
The royal propaganda machine rumbles forward and opens another front on there war of information.

Clearly, with the limited funds they have, they’ve chosen for the most efficient and cheapest aproach: stealing. The Republican Herald invites its readers to buy a copy of the ‘Sovereigns Herald’ and enjoy this new form of entertainment displayed by Mendicant. Not only is the format copied precisely from the Republican herald, it’s reporting is humorously sketchy. In several articles they claim Madina city to have revolted due starvation resulting to the deaths of ‘ tens and thousands’ of peasants in Madina isles. A very cheap and poor way to try and bend the truth to what ever direction suits them best.

The Republic allows fee trade, even now during a state of emergency, as she produces a great excess of food. During the taking of the city, food was immediately shipped and extra supplies build up in the gardens, the same strategy was obviously to be used in taking back Candiels. No one would gain from starving our peasants if we are actually producing a great excess of food (Averagely ~230%).

Amongst the most popular claims is definably that even after there own secession from the Republic, all there incompetence since, is the fault of Madina and it’s ‘Vagabond’ nobles. The starvation of Candiels has in fact never been generally as worse as it was since it’s secession. "It’s all a ‘Republican’ conspiracy, planned, organized executed by a divided group of bums and criminals." As a reminder: there starvation during there governship under the Republic was due to refusing to pay the same price as for example D'harans threw out the thumb isles or Governors of Madina or Fatmilak pay for there food, something Mendicant uses as critique against the Madinan constitution. He deserved free food in his opinion.

So the ‘Sovereigns Herald’ is filled with these kind of poor attempts to spread there contradicting royalist propaganda threw-out the continent, which are received as very humours amongst Madinans and we thus happily look forth to more of this new form of entertainment in the dark and heavy days we are facing.

June 2nd, 2011
King Mendicant nippingly escapes execution and launches offensive against Liberation forces in Candiels.
In the third Skirmish battle that followed after Madinas initial assualt, Mendicant was finally captured by Republican forces. Mendicant was held for one day in preparation of his execution, which was to be held yesterday, however yesterday morning he managed to escape while eating his 'last' meal. Many people question how this could happen and alot of eyes are on the Lord Court Master, who was responsible.

Following Mendicants escape, a final Aurvendilian assault was launched on Candiels, they inpressingly managed to gather around 220 armed soldiers, unsurprisingly however they where all slauthered with only few loses on the liberators side. The royalist assault did not manage to stop the ongoing takeover by Madina to return the city to it's rightful owners.

This news is very sad indeed, Mendicant has made clear never to surender nor allow any of it's servants to and thus we will be forced to see even more peasants die from his horrible reign. His closest friends, who also iniated a rebellion in Libero empire with there leader, have shown the same sort of extremism. Lord Court Master Abbot, who had spoken soft and moderate on the royalist rebls now speaks in a whole diferent tone. This is what he had to say on the initial escape:

"Next time i will personally make sure this will never happen again, i should've never even given him his last meal. He didn't show any respect at all in prison. Even when i offered his arrogantly chosen, near impossible dish, he cursed me and my brothers. Aurvendil will pay, in blood."

We will keep you updated and hope the final end of this conflict, marked by the execution of the royalists and the official takeover of Candiels will come soon.

May 30th, 2011
Breaking news: The Republic takes Candiels in a astonishing surprise attack!
On the morning of the 29th of May the Madinan Republican fleet attacked the almost defenseless city of Candiels and successfully took military control. Aurvendil seemed to be caught in complete surprise and are still trying to rally there forces in there Capital. Directly upon taking Military control the situation in Candiels became clear for the whole of Madina, it was much worse then anyone could ever imagine. No one was spared under Mendicants reign, bodies where pilled up on the corner of the streets and burnt, the only way to dispose of over 20.000 of them. Madinan forces also shockingly dismantled a number of work camps where people where forced to work to death. Some of them however looked like they where abandoned some time before, most likely the workers ran out.

Madinan forces where greeted as liberators and some Candilians even took up what ever arms they could find and marched with the Republic. Rum and some small amounts of food have been spread amongst the greeting citizens, as to temporarily relieve them from there suffering, food ships are already prepared for shipping in Fatmilak as this article is written. Madinan forces are actively looking for King Mendicant and it looks like soon Candiels will finally fly the Republican flag again! We pray that never again a Monarchy shall be able to terrorize the lands of the Republic again. We will keep reporting on the final stages of the Candiels civil war.

May 25, 2011
Annalists say: "Aurvendil has suffered an unrepairable blow to there Economy."
Starvations continue as King Mendicant keeps his head high and his servants low. By now 3/4 of the population has died a horrible death, estimates shows an incredible 17.000 bodies since King Mendicants secession in Candiels alone. Economic annalists say Aurvendil will probably never recover from the fatal blow it suffered and wonder why no peasant uprising has been reported yet. King Mendicant has not yet responded on the economic collapse in Aurvendil. Madinans are afraid that once Candiels has been returned to Madina, there will not be much left of it.

May 25, 2011
The Republic struggles with complications in appointments. Organized Crime takes control in Madina City!
Due to complicated failures in the appointment of the new Grand Dodge, Lord Vallyn Rotach, the realm fell into an anarchy which lasted for 4 days until Lord Vallyn was finally successfully appointed. Quickly after the appointment, Vallyn was seriously wounded in a Battle against Rogue forces in the Gardens, it took several days for his healers to stabilize his condition and there for still, no Governor could be appointed to the city. All these unfortunate chain of events caused organized crime to flourish, as no courts could be held and the little police work that had been done was insufficient. On the 24th of may, Madina city revolted (again) and turned rogue. The Government however has been fully restored with two changes of positions, Lord Vallyn Rotach as the new Grand Dodge and Abbot as the new Lord Court Master.

The Army is preparing to restore order as soon as possible and pray for a quick appointment of the new Governor.

May 16, 2011
46 days after the declaration of the Kingdom of Aurvendil, an overview of the civil war.
No battles have been fought between Tower Fatmilak and Candiels thus far but things start to look promising for the Republic as it is acquiring the necessary gold income, nobles and Siege engines to prepare for an assault. Aurvendil on the contrary is still struggling for it's basic human need: Food. Almost half of the cities population have died due to famine or starvation, especially during the last week. Rough statistics show an extreme collapse of Aurvendils economy and rumours go that if Aurvendil will not be able to quickly gain the food they need, it will fall on its own. The herald has included a statistical graph that shows Aurvendils economic collapse and Madinas recovery.

On other news, King Mendicant has requested a temporally peace treaty and military access for Aurvendil into Madinan soil, 'to help Cearwyn' up north, which has been received as 'extremely humours' and 'ridiculous' by fellow Madinan citizens. Lord Admiral Luan has even Announced that King Mendicant shall never set foot on Republican soil alive again unless he is dragged in front of a crowd to be brutally put to his death. Before the crisis, helping Cearwyn was already a very difficult task, now it is deemed obviously impossible. It seems like a bad attempt from Aurvendil to buy time in the hope they will recover, a sign of weakness that was received very welcoming by fellow Madinas. The republican Herald formally thanks King Mendicant for the boost of Morale amongst citizens and soldiers alike.


May 16, 2011
The Republic retakes Madina city! Abbot is chosen as the new governor.
It took a long time, but finally a consensus has been made between the main claim holders of the duchy by a withdrawal of the candidacy of Lord Coturnix. There was a particular issue with Lord Tarajist, who refused to vote due to various reasons, as the fact that he voted in the realm wide referendum that was held to help the four main claim holders make a decision. The referndum's outcome was 6 against 3 in favour of Abbot, two abstained from voting. Lord Cortunix has thus decided to step down so a decision could be made. Lord Abbot, former founder of the city and the Republic has anounced great plans for the city. he will have a hard task ahead to rebuild his duchy from the civil and rogue unrest. Some question the realism of his slightly extreme ideals and ambitions. For the official appointment to take place, first a new Grand Dodge has to be chosen. Governor Fionn is eagerly looking for a right candidate and will hopefully find one quickly. The Herald looks with great entisipation towards the future of Madina duchy and shall continue to write about Abbots progress.

April 26, 2011
Lord Admiral Vallyn gets captured by monsters, Governor Fion apoints Lord Luan, son of Leon the harsh as it's successor.
After a serious successful battles against the many undead and monster forces, the Trident is finally refitting, leaving some rogues still scattered over the lands with new groups allready appearing. During the past battles, several nobles got wounded under which Marshall Lord Purser Tarajist. Lord Admiral Vallyn got captured and taken by these vicious creaters and Governor Fionn has apointed Lord Luan Agenor as it's new Lord Admiral. Lord Admiral Luan is the son of the famous Leon 'the harsh', co founder of Madina, the Republic and head founder of Fissoa and the Grand Duchy, he is still a very young man but his heritage sure promises alot. This will be a campaign that can permit no mistakes, but looking at the past weeks the nobles of Madina are ready for it.

April 22, 2011
Massive undead armies walk out of the ocean, Madina isle turned into a monster breeding ground.
The entire isle of Madina has suffered heavy from de-civilization. The isle has partly returned to it's wild nature and rogues keep amassing. forces totalling over 10K Cs are preventing our army to take back our name sake city. Rumours reported these undead armies to come out of the oceans as claimed by Madinans from the old days: The undead come from the underworld. Apparently they are drawn to chaos as they're forces have considerably increased threw out the isle. When ever the army defeats a certain rogue force, another comes in it's place. The situation looks desperate, though movement rates and activity have never been so great, no mistakes where made by a single troop leader over the last few campaigns.

April 18, 2011
Cvil war in Madina, the Republic at crisis!
On march 19 The peasants of Madina city revolted and declared allegiance to D'hara after a long period of unrest. The revolt is alleged to be a plot by rich D'haran merchants, who feel discriminated. The revolt was quickly countered by another uprising where a majority of rich families declared independence. Anarchy has struck the city and over a thousand citizens have died in the last month due to civil unrest and famine that has struck the city due to the scarcity of food and authority. When the republican armies of Madina and Fatmilak joined to retake the city, Governor Mendicant declared the succession of Candiels on the 31th of march and the formation of a absolute monarchy in the Republican duchy. The event and especially the timing of the event struck the Republic hard and it's nobles are startled and reacted with promises of vengeance. other nobles have joined the royalist rebels, to a great surprise, Former Grand Dodge Florence have is amongst them. She has admited to fear her life staying in Fatmilak or Madina as she feels responsible for the actions of these rebels, as she was the one that appointed them (against the will of several prominent Madinan claim holders). Governor Sage, who was responsible for the civil revolt and D'haran coop in Madina has joint the rebels as well with the message that he does not agree with Grand Dodge Abbot and Lord Purser Tarajist to replace Florence and Tacin respectively.

Horace a former active marshal in Fatmilak has also joined the rebels and has been appointed as General by 'King' Mendicant. The civil war is a war between Tyranny and freedom and although seriously weakened, this has positively effected the Madinan morale and cohesion in the realm. As the Beacon of Freedom in the civilized world, Madina will stand strong and defeat the evil armies of Tyrant Mendicant and reclaim the duchy for it's rightful claim holders.

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