Apostles of the Abyss

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Apostles of the Abyss

What's down there in that dark hole? Let's go look .... AAARRRRRGGGGHH!!!! CHOMP!

The Abyss is bottomless. It encompasses all space, all life, all death. It is timeless, yet eternal. It spawns forth an endless supply of demons - some greater, some lesser, some deadly, some merely ticklish.

Stare into the Abyss ... let it welcome your flesh and consume your soul.

We're Hiring!

Entry Level Priest Position - multiple openings

Are YOU looking for a career change? Growing new religion looking for motivated energetic priests to bring the Abyss to the serfs of Outer Tilog ... or bring the serfs to the Abyss if they resist. Be there when doctorine is created wholesale! Get in now on the ground floor ... rapid descent is not only possible, but expected!

Unbelievable benfits. Health plan. Flexible hours for flexible workers. No cubicle farms here! Every acolyte gets their own volcanically-heated subterranean cell with abundant swamp gas lighting. Performance-based compensation, bonuses based on conversions.

Only dead serious applicants wanted. Wallflowers need not apply. No experience necessary, but strong stomach and weak morals highly desirable. Own torture implements a plus.

Interested applicants must present themselves at the gates of the Abysmal Temple in Outer Tilog at midnight of the next lunar eclipse with the entrails of a firstborn infant and a rusty spoon - or something equally gastronomically appealing.

Demons of The Abyss

The Greater Demons of Outer Tilog