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This is a short list of new features and their meanings.

This is also an open call to everyone to add this information to the proper places of the manual. Please, if you have a few minutes, put this stuff where it belongs, reformat it, make proper sentences, that kind of editorial work. --Tom 13:43, 23 October 2006 (CEST)

Withdrawal Setting

New to the paperwork section (currently only in testing) is the setting of a "withdraw after suffering x% casualties" setting.

Here's how it works: every combat turn, units check if they want to retreat. This depends on morale, cohesion, casualties and many other factors. Now it also depends on whether or not the casualty rating has been reached.

This does not mean the unit will retreat at this exact point! If the entire unit gets wiped out in a single round, then it is wiped out.

Example: A 100-men unit with a 60% setting suffers 30 casualties in the first round, 25 in the second and 40 in the 3rd.

  • It'll retreat in the third round (60% casualties reached), with 30+25+40=95% casualties.
  • Depending on morale, cohesion, etc. it's also possible that it might retreat or panic in the 2nd round, with 55% casualties, or (low morale/cohesion) even in the 1st round, with 30% casualties.

The only change is that prior to this alteration it might have fought on into a 4th round.

Even if you set the casualty rate very low (say, 25%), the example unit would retreated in the 1st round, with 30% casualties.

News Filters

Two new news filters are available in the Options (on your account page).

  • News Filter allows you to cut out OOC messages or letters and OOC messages, if you want to reduce the chatter in your news window. These messages are just hidden; if you click on "all types" in the message filters bar, for example, they will show up.
  • Battle Filter turning this on makes the long battle reports disappear from your news. They are still available as a scribe note, of course.