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Tremendously fun, but time to start over. The Namtrahs are no more.

Eldest brother Willard. Born in Asker, but emigrated at an early age to Norland and later served Eston. Veteran of many battles, and a famous poet (some of his work can be found here: Poetry of Willard Namtrah. Poetry of the Unknown Bard has also been attributed to him). He died dueling in Eston on Atamara. However, his life force was so strong he returned as a Ghost and served the realm for a while longer before one day disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Twin brothers, Hemming and Percy. Hemming is described as a thoughtful, considerate follower, while his brother was more likely to cause international havoc by storming an ally's capital. Hemming became a Count of Huleford in the Colonies, but was removed under mysterious circumstances and moved to Sartania. Unexpectedly, he switched loyalties to Arachon. It was rumored that he was spying for Sartania, which might explain his disappearance. He still considers himself to be Lord of Saex, and a devout follower of Sartan.

Percy died in nearby Lasanar when he was sat upon by two pregnant swamp yak's while bathing and drowned.

Doofus. Adventurer on Bulaterra; we don't talk about him much. Missing for years.

Edwin (NPC) Youngest brother of the 5, he left Asker for the War Islands. After marrying the daughter of a minor noble, and siring a child (Raven), he died in battle.

Raven. Actually a niece of Willard, Hemming and Percy, (and Doofus, but we don't talk about him). Born in Ikalak, her father was already dead and her mother died in childbirth). When the island sank she caught a ride to East Island and fought for Perdan. She quite enjoys swordfighting and duels, and is happy to take on anyone, especially if they have a price on their head and she might earn a few gold from it. Duel list Framed by the King of Perdan and banned from the realm; she made her way to Fontan and started a new life there in the shadows. After fighting in the 5_on_1_War for a time, she immigrated to Beluaterra.Infil Stats

Jens. Nephew of Willard, he came of age in the Barony of Makar, where he had a successful career looting and stealing goats. He and brother Aðalbjörn, being the two youngest of nine brothers, were adopted as sons of Willard. Willard quickly learned to regret this action, and told no one of it before his untimely death. He was made Marshal of the Hand of Hang Army before the disappearance of his brother Aðalbjörn caused him to leave Atamara for the wilds of Beluaterra. Became a trader for the Kingdom of Alluran, which allowed him to travel the island seeking out his younger sibling. The King foolishly appointed him Banker, which introduced him to a whole new type of looting. After embezzling well over 2000 gold in less than 3 weeks, he decided he had enough to keep him in beer and cheese for a good long while, and returned to the Barony to run his own Trading Company. He is currently Count of Tellwood and founder of Jens' Tradin' an' Makarian Axemen Company an' School a Duelin'.

Aðalbjörn Younger brother of Jens. He was supposed to become a priest in order to save his (real) father from going to Hel, but instead ran away from home, first heading to the Ash Sea Islands, then the Cagilan Empire. While traveling through Taran lands one day, something strange happened to him, and he has been a little different ever since. Aðalbjörn reign of terror Things went downhill from there for him: banned by Cagilan Empire, then Norland, and with 100 gold on his head, he was recently captured and deported. Currently missing on Beluaterra.

Crispen is Percy's son. He grew up as the sole heir of the three brothers of Asker (Willard, Hemming and Percy) in a life of luxury and privilege. Bored and taking after his father, he decided to stake a claim in the new world of Dwilight. Former Baron of Larur in Melodia and General there, he moved north to Caerwyn for a while before receiving news that took him to Arcaea on the Far East Island.

Calindra is the daughter of Hemming. Intent on crawling out from under her father's shadow, she came to Aracaea to fight, but soon joined the preisthood instead. Unfortunately, a dispute led to a duel to the death - which she survived, but severe wounds that cut short her career. Currently gazing lustfully at the stable boys on her father's estate. Priest stats Her twin sister, Calindar, is of a less virtuous bent, and can be frequently found in the less savory parts of the island.

Tom "of the Namtrahs" was Calindra's acolyte and some-time lover. He is part of the estate, not the family, as he is just a commoner. On a quest to find and kill Jens and restore the family honor.

Adventures of the Namtrahs - Stories not found in-game.

Writing workshop - Like to write fun role plays, but new to it? Maybe this can help.


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Sum: 3 points

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Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
Sum: 5 points

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New Guild & Religion
Sum: 4 points

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Death Duel Prevalence
Sum: 1 points

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Exceptional Skill


Sum: 0 point

Total: 14 points