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(This is a Fictional realm, invented by Dolohov to illustrate examples without resorting to "Realm A", but without using the names of real realms. Feel free to add history and mythology for this realm!)

Keplerstan is a Kingdom ruled by Good King Kepler from the large and prosperous capital city of Kepler.

The arch enemy of Keplerstan is the tyranny of Evilstani. In a fairly odd triangle of power and greed, the Theocracy of Goodlandia occasionally gets involved, too. It is rumoured that they sometimes secretly conspire together behind closed doors. It is best to keep those ideas unspoken, or you may find yourself an unwilling guest of the Secret Police!

People used to refer to a different arch-rival realm: North Keplerstan, or even Mt. Kepler. Since nothing has been heard of these two in a long time, they are believed to be purely fictional. Probably some kind of scary story parents tell their children at night: "Be good, or the fairies of North Keplerstan will steal you away to work in the mines of Mt. Kepler for the rest of your life!" No sane adult really takes these stories seriously.


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The capital of Keplerstan is {{#ask: capital of::Keplerstan | default=unknown }}. The population of our small realm is {{#ask:part of::Keplerstan|?population|format=sum}} people.