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One word you will encounter every now and then is inactivity. We have a good word on that in the Inalienable Rights, which make it clear that inactivity is something you should simply accept.

However, in some cases it is difficult to ignore. If a ruler or other position in power does not log in for days, or if someone important to some military operation doesn't reply for a while.

Here are some

Suggestions on In-Game Handling

Remember that this is the middle ages. Among other things, communications were often slow and unreliable. That is your main tool to deal with "inactivity" in-game, without causing any problems, offending anyone, or getting into trouble with the Inalienable Rights.

  • The messenger with your letter was delayed, took the wrong path, assaulted by bandits and wounded, killed in a road accident or made off with his payment.
  • Same with the return messenger.
  • The messenger was ok, but the message was not, it was rained on, the paper crumbled or the ink had not dried enough. The messenger had to make the trip twice, which of course took additional time.
  • This being the middle ages, people were ill more often. The "inactive" character simply had a cough or something.
  • Your scribe was out of ink.
  • You were out celebrating too long and woke up late (and other variations on being drunk)
  • Your scribe lost/misplaced/forgot the letter to be sent.
  • You had an important family/religious/private matter to attend to.
  • You were out to your hunting lodge with a... a... distantly related female friend to catch up on the latest gossip, yes, exactly.
  • The opera yesterday evening simply could not be missed by any civilised noble.

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