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Takeovers are used to take control of a region that is not currently part of your realm. Takeovers are initiated by a single commander, but almost always require the supporting presence of other troops from the same or allied realms. Takeovers are resolved as turn actions, and usually take several turns to succeed. They can also fail, especially if the population rises up against the invaders, or defending troops attack and interrupt the takeover.

  • A Friendly Takeover works by replacing the local rulership with more loyal people, while leaving the peasants and citizen alone or posing as their "liberator". It takes longer and will not work if the people of the region hate you.
  • The Hostile Takeover is fast and bloody, you simply crush all opposition and declare yourself the ruler. This will lower morale in the region but works even if the people don't think highly of you and your realm. It also is faster.
  • Brutal Takeover is what helps if hostile is not hostile enough. Your men will simply kill anyone who so much as looks funny in your general direction. Morale and loyalty will not matter much, but you will need a strong army to succeed. A brutal takeover also does a lot of collateral damage.
  • The Colony Takeover is a special option only available in city or stronghold regions that are not regions neighbouring your realm. It is only available if the local people do not hate your realm. It will run very much like a friendly takeover, but on successful completion will not add the region to your realm, but will instead create a new realm with the region as its capital.

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