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Manipulate Tax Books

Bribing a tax collector or using other dirty tricks, you can manipulate the tax books of a region, taking part of the tax for yourself without anyone noticing.
25% of the currently stored gold will vanish from the tax collection without a trace. 20% will go directly into your pocket, while 5% will be used to pay for the bribes and costs of the entire operation.
While this reduces the tax collection of the region (and thus the entire realm), it also saves the gold from stealing, looting and other dangers. More importantly, however, it gives you a source of private income that nobody can trace to you. Depending on the internal political climate, this may be necessary to pay for other operations, for example. Or maybe you just need some extra cash.


Using bribes, buyouts or simply brute force, you can attempt to damage the production in any enemy region. You must be in or adjacent to the target region, which makes this operation slightly dangerous.