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This page is part of the context-sensitive in-game help. If you want to contribute to it, please read the Writing Help Pages‎ page first, because the style for these help pages differs from the rest of the wiki.

New Fame System

(This is unrelated to the old family Fame.)

This system is designed to give you an overview of a set of attributes/skills/.. that you can acquire or gather over the lifespan of your character.
It is weighted relevant to the character with the highest value for this certain attribute/skill on the entire island.


If your character has 10 prestige and the highest prestige a character has on the entire island is 100, your fame value will be 10 (%).


Average of Prestige, Honour, Notoriety, Deeds, and Skills.

  • Prestige - The highest amount of prestige that you have earned so far.
  • Honour - The highest amount of honour you have had so far.
  • Notoriety - An average of the following four stats:
    • Outcast - Amount of realms you have been banned from.
    • Wanted - The amount of gold that people have put out to get your head severed from your body.
    • Reaver - The amount of looting you have committed measured over time.
    • Rebel - The number of rebellions you have partaken in, notably as the rebel leader.
  • Deeds
  • Skills - The average of your skill stats. (e.g. Swordfighting, jousting, leadership, etc.)


Average of the following four categories:

  • Rulership - Your power and influence as Ruler, measured by the size of your realm over time.
  • Dukedom - Your power and influence as Duke, measured by the size of your duchy over time.
  • Lordship - Your power and influence as Lord, defined by the number of knights you have attracted to your region, measured over time.
  • Knightdom - Your power and influence as a Knight, measured by the size of your estate over time.



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