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Estates for Knights

As a knight of a region you are given an estate. Your estate provides you with a share of the taxes of the region. Having an estate provides the lord of the region with the ability to assign you to an army. You must travel to a region to take an estate there. You can abandon your estate at any time, even when you are not in the region.

Estates for Lords

Lords can take an estate in their region, or rely on the Lord's share of the taxes taken from their knights. Lords can freely create, rename, re-size, and delete estates; lords can also kick knights out of an estate, change the region's tax rate, and change the Lord's share of their knights taxes. Making changes to estates or tax settings takes one hour for each change.

Estates for Dukes and Rulers

Dukes and rulers may also have estates. In order to prevent breaks in the feudal hierarchy there are some special considerations. In order for a duke to hold an estate, he must also be the lord of a region in his own duchy, and then can only hold an estate in that region. The same applies applies for rulers, except that they must also be dukes, and hold a lordship in their own duchy, and then take an estate in their own region.

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