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The academy allows you to train the skills of your character. Which skills you can train depends on your current class:

  • All nobles can train Leadership
  • Warriors can train Swordfighting and Jousting
  • Courtiers can train Bureaucracy and Oratory
  • Priests, Diplomats, and Ambassadors can train Oratory
  • Traders can train Trading
  • Infiltrators can train Infiltration
  • Adventurers can train Swordfighting

Like other economy buildings, an academy is only available in regions where the building was constructed, and it can be closed if production is very low. Different from most other buildings, the academy is open during holidays and festivals, though nobody knows why.

In addition to having a higher maximum skill, the more advanced trainers are less likely to mis-estimate your skill when you train with them, though all trainers will round their estimates to the nearest 5%.

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