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You are about to send your soldiers out to break into some peasants homes and arrest everyone suspected of insurgent activities.

This is likely to bring this region under better control of your realm (reducing any independence movements), but it will surely reduce morale. Holding court is a more civilized approach, but if the judge and regional lord are busy elsewhere, just hanging suspected rebels without a trial can be just as effective, except for the morale loss.

Young nobles will ask, "Why is this a bad idea without permission?"

Well the morale loss really hurts, but that's just the beginning... Morale after brutal takeovers tends to be low, we literally storm goverment offices and kill the government officials. Morale is so low in fact that many soldier and buro hours are needed to bring up loyalty, production, and morale to 30%. At that point a region lord or judge can then hold mercy courts to restore morale, and faith in Old Ranc.

Storming into people's homes on rumours that a man or a woman is a rebel, reduces the rebel movements, but in the population's eyes, it is unjust to have a summary trial and execution of peasants. This causes a huge region-wide morale drop, but reduces the likely hood that the peasant's will declare independance. If it weren't for the morale drop that would be fine, but the morale drop causes our soldiers and buro's many more hours of extra work to restore faith in our realm.

The best use of Hanging Rebels would be when your judge or local lord cannot get to the region to do courtwork, particullary on the war only islands. But order of effect is important as well, doing this before any courts, civil work, or buro work is the best time.

I hope this answers curiosities. Carriantor 19 February 2006 22:13 (CET)

Hanging Rebels improves control at a high cost. Normal Police Work is usually better.