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Greywolf Crest deco.jpg

Origin of the Greywolfs

On the Eastern Continent in Caqueta is not only the family manson, it's the home of the head of the family. This has been in the past and it will be in the Future.

In the last hundred years, the deep wild woods of Caqueta have been colonised. What started out with small tracks and trading routes became a road, and where in the beginning only woodcutters and hunters found a living, peasants and craftsmen settled down and established the first small villages.

In those days the Greywolf family consisted mostly of traders. They supported the locals with goods from far away, and delivered one of the most famous delicacies the Caqueta Cookies to people all over the continent and even overseas.

The house of the Greywolf began his rise to one of Caquetas most respected families when Grimm Greywolf became head of the family after his fathers surprising death. He was the first Greywolf who took the family sword Wolffang and set out to aid his country by military means. After that, many of the younger members of the family followed Grimm and left the family merchandise to establish a name on their own.

Familienwappen Greywolf.png
family battle banner

Eplaination of the heraldic family crest


blood red, for the bloodline of the family
white, for the truth the family seeks, but haven't found till now
the four spaces as a symbol for the four elements: earth, water, air and fire that are within all and everything


the wheel as symbol of the families business, trading of goods
the castle stands for the history that bounds the family to their lands and that they will fight to protect
the blood red square is the mixed blood of friends and the enemies that lost their lives in the same war. It should remaind the family that there are no winners in war, just people with a bigger and people with a smaller loss.
the sword as the symbol of the knight.

Greywolf Familienwappen.jpg
heraldic family crest

Family Members

                      Samuel RIP NPC
                |                         |			
             Maximilian RIP NPC        Korner RIP NPC
                |Linotha                  |Anabell
      +=========+--------+         +------+------+
      |         |        |         |             |chambermaid
    Grimm      Kaan   Liandra    Anguina         Mort  

Gondortree-icon.pngSir Grimm Greywolf, Head of the Family, Arch Priest of Old Rancagua

Grimm has never really liked the merchandise his family runs. Surly it supports the family and without it he won't be able to do what he's doing, but still he doesn't like it. While the rest of the realm was in a state of war he couldn't hold back any longer, so Grimm took his guards forged them into an army and set out to fight for his believes. Since then he walked a long way and has seen many battles.

OI-small.jpgSir Kaan Greywolf, Duke of Chaos Temple

As secound son of Maximillian and brother of Grimm, Kaan joined his brother in his fight for their homeland. But even when his older brother had encouraged him to face war, it was also Grimms shadow Kaan couldn't get rid off. This forced Kaan to fight even harder, but no matter his struggles as the head of family Grimm would always stand out as long as he is around.

So he took the chance to help creating a new realm after the war was won. Together with other settlers from Old Rancagua and Perdan the Obsidian Islands were created. Here, free from his brothers shadow, he stepped forwared into the light and the cleaning fire of the Volcano.

Micro Morek.pngLady Liandra Greywolf, Countess of Zhongyuan

Sint-icon.pngLady Anguina Greywolf, Pontifex of Sint, Countess of Aesh

She started out as the black sheep of the family, searching for trouble where ever she went. So she set out to leave the home of her family behind and start a new career.. on the South-East Continent, where war is a stady companion, she joined the side of Toren. At least as long as it made sense, but after her crazy general Zel had sent the great armies of Toren into death again and again for his own amusement, Anguina had enough of this bloodbaths and wished for a more constructive way of fighting.

In this time a call for assistance reached her, from a distance land. So she set out and sailed over the ocean again to Beluaterra. There Anguina joined Sint, a great realm under the protection of their God Hemaglobe. There she found a place to settle down and when she discovered that her energy can be turned into something good she quickly climbed the ladder of command.

Sint-icon.pngSir Mort Greywolf, Knight of Hirzmet

Unwanted, not needed and over all, no true Greywolf... at least not from Anguinas point of view. They had met several times, and each time there was someone to seperate them.

After months of struggle he managed to become a noble, to be accepted in the realm and he earned respect from his fellow comrades for his accomplishments. But one person couldn't accept the fact that he was of noble blood, and this was his half sister Anguina... trouble was hanging in the air.

Family Fame


FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
FB Banker.png
FB Judge.png
FB Lord.png
FB Duke.png
Sum: 10 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
Sum: 6 points

FB Investment.png
Family Investment
FB Army Sponsor.png
Army Sponsor
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Sword (Mort)
FB Unknown.png
Sum: 5 points

Total: 21 points

Titles hold

Arch Priest of Old Rancagua (Grimm)
Fiduciary of Sint (Anguina)
Duke of Chaos Temple (Kaan)
Countess of Aesh (Anguina)
Countess of Riakond (Liandra)
Countess of Zhongyuan (Liandra)
Pontifex of Sint (Anguina)
High Priest of Hemaism (Anguina)
Count of Hirzmet (Mort)