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1 gold Editors: Marouane Barghouti

Printed in Massillion

Jul 2006, 2007
Bringing you the news hot off the press

Eston is in turmoil after a conspiracy on the highest levels of the hierarchy was uncovered. Willy, former Queen and Arch Priestess was accused of conspiracy to commit regicide and conspiracy against the realm, after it was revealed that she sought after the assassination of Arch Priest Christofer and King Andrew. After this treason was exposed, Kahooli, Duke of Massillion and Dead Angel WG, Duke of Barad Riel, sided with the former Queen. Willy claimed that the correspondence between her and an unknown enemy assassin was forged, and even suggested that the King himself was behind it, trying to force her out of the realm. The majority of Eston's nobles stand behind the King, but there are certain troopleaders who have remained neutral, or have expressed words of support for the traitor. Willy was given 24 hours to leave the realm voluntarily, after which the case would be revealed to the public, an offer she refused. Since she is royalty, she could not be exiled, upon which she was fined 250 gold for each day she remained in Eston.

Meanwhile, rumours went around that Kahooli had plans to seceede the duchy of Massillion, to form his own democratic regime. James, Count of Nazamroth, responded by breaking all ties with Massillion. Malor, Agnilar and Tintar remained loyal, for various reasons. At sunrise on the 21st, Massillion officially declared independence from Eston, the entire duchy splintered off from the kingdom and Kahooli declared himself Chancellor of Massillion. Willy, who had been hiding in Massillion, joined the new democratic realm to escape her fines, which, according to the High Council, proves once again that she is unwilling to suffer the consequences of her actions, and that she has only her personal interests at heart. Should she ever end up in the dungeons of Hawthorne, she faces probable death by hanging. Hours later, Lianna, Countess of Agnilar and former Marshal of Massillion, surprised the nation by defecting to Massillion as well. Marouane, former Marshal of Massillion stated that Massillion belongs to Eston, and claimed the title of next Duke of Massillion. Kahooli's reign has not been accepted by Eston, and preparations are underway to reclaim the city and its surrounding regions.

Cease-fire signed with Minas Ithil

On the eve of the 21st, Eston and Minas Ithil have put pen to paper on a cease-fire, lasting for an indefinite amount of time. The treaty comes a surprise to most people in Eston, as beforehand, Ithilian troops had attacked and plundered Barad Lacirith for the second time in a few months. Rumour has it that both realms have laid down arms to allow Eston to deal with the treason of Kahooli and willy. Other voices say that this ceasefire is the start of a peaceful era in the northeast corner of Atamara. Reports that Viking troops abandoned a raid on Hawthorne added weight to these claims. Amd minutes before this issue was printed, word reached our office that Darka and Minas Ithil have signed a peace treaty, which has led to much speculation. Some say Minas Ithil is preparing to go to war somewhere else, but these rumours have not been confirmed or denied by any government.

The Eston Tribune watches these latest diplomatic maneuvers with great interest. Our view on these unfoldings: Sit back and wait, Atamara is at a new crossroads. We foresee new wars and unholy alliances.

Betrayal in Eston

As we reported earlier, a new realm has been founded in Massillion, which has been deemed illegal by the Estonite government. Not that it matters much, as support for so-called 'Traitor's Haven' is scarce. So far, only two people have joined Kahooli in his ludicrous quest for power. These two, and any others who join Massillion, will be prosecuted actively as traitors. The list currently only shows three names.

Kahooli TithOnanka, Chancellor of Massillion
Wanted for high treason and attempted destruction of the Monarchy

Willy Menehunas, Supreme Judge of Massillion
Wanted for high treason, attempted regicide, attempted assassination and fraud

Lianna Con Doin, Minister of Defense of Massillion
Wanted for treason