Eston Tribune/Issue 3

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1 gold Editors: Marouane Barghouti, Andrew McKay

Printed in Massillion

Jan 11, 2006
Bringing you the news hot off the press

Norland and Barony of Makar crushed in Fiddleford
Yesterday at dawn, Eston and Talerium launched an offensive operation into Norland. A vast and powerful army marched into Fiddleford, and fought the defending troops, who were aided by Barony of Makar forces. The defenders had scraped together all they could and positioned their armies behind the walls of Fiddleford. The attackers had prepared for a siege, as they brough many attack towers and batterings. The first hour of the battle was fought right outside the walls, as the atatcking forces isolated and destroyed many defenders foolish enough to leave their defended positions.

But after little over an hour, the first attackers climbed up the siege towers and set foot on the walls, where they cleared a path for the rest of their comrades. One by one, the Viking units were either wiped out or forced off the battlefield. Many Nobles were wounded in the battle. After little over three hours, the last of the defenders was defeated, and the fortification was torn down. Soon afterwards, a brutal takeover was initiated by the Estonite occupational force.

Talerium enters the fray

Yesterday at sunrise, Eston marched into Saradic to clean up the dregs of the army that had foolishly invaded Eston's border region, and lost. However, this time Eston did not come alone, as a large army hailing from Talerium came to aid, in order to dispose of the Vikings once and for all. Many Barony and Norland troop leaders fled Saradic at the sight of the anormous army, and those who were brave enough to stay were quickly disposed of. With the Vikings in Saradic out of the picture, Talerium and Eston can commence the second phase of the operation: a large scale invasion of Fidleford, Eston's rightful posession.

The Talerian Nobles were greeted by Eston with enthusiasm, as their efforts will be most helpful in putting an end to this war, started by the cowardly Vikings. Consequently, Viking soldiers have accused Eston of cowardice for bringing in an ally's help, even though Norland and the Barony have been combining forces against Eston since the early days of the war. Seeing that Eston had little trouble dealing with the Viking 'threat' alone, the question is not if the Vikings will lose the war, but when.

Eston's High Marshal, General of the Armies Andrew Mckay was quoted as saying: "We greatly appreciate the help of our allies in this battle. They have proven themselves to be a great asset to our efforts. During talks with Katheryn Larkspur, Minister of Defense for Talerium, we have been pledged their full support in this battle. Today will be the day that Eston's enemies will rue the day that they attempted to war successfully with Eston.

Militia defeats Vikings

A few days ago, Barony of Makar and Norland forces joined hands for a pre-emptive strike in Saradic. Their armies waged war with a force compiled of mostly militia and town guards. Surprisingly, the Vikings lost, and were driven off the field, and Atrus, General of the Barony of Makar was wounded. Eston's enemies were now very vulnerable, and the Royal Eston Army, joined by a detachment of the Talerian Republican Army, moved out of Hawthorne. The Vikings fled, but many were caught and defeated, capturing and wounding many Viking nobles. The forces from Talerium did not fight, as they were preparing for the battle in Fiddleford.

With many Viking regiments having suffered heavy casualties, the armies of Norland and the Barony are weakened, and Fiddleford is wide open for an attack. Eston's plan of taking the region back from Norland is on schedule, and an attack will be launched soon.