Eston Tribune/Issue 1

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1 gold Editors: Marouane Barghouti, Andrew McKay

Printed in Massillion

Dec 01, 2005
Bringing you the news hot off the press

New King elected
After the former Queen of Eston, willy, was held prisoner in Icegate by Judge Harod of the Barony of Makar, a blatant violation of the code of honour regarding the imprisonment of Council members, the Nobles of Eston were forced to elect a new King. After receiving a majority of the valid votes, Lord Kahooli TithOnanka, Duke of Massillion, Marshal of the Army of Massillion was crowned in the Grand Cathedral of Hawthorne. His first act as new ruler of Eston was appointing willy as the new Duchess of Massillion.

The inauguration of the new King happened without problems, although several sources reported small gatherings of anarchists outside the palace of the King. It is unclear whether or not these reports are true.

New Marshal appointed

Mere hours after the inauguration of Duchess willy of Massillion, a new Marshal for the Woodland Army was appointed. The honour befell a Noble named Marouane Barghouti, Count of Malor. High Marshal Andrew McKay himself nominated the young Hero, and King Kahooli accepted. Ironically, the new Marshal of Massillion was the last to hear this news, as he was fighting in the mountains of Moramroth at the time of the appointment. It was not until he had reached the plains of Dondor that the new commander learned of his new responsibilities.

Marouane Barghouti began his career in the ranks of Eston as a teenager, and he quickly gained much respect amongst his fellow Nobles for his bravery, honour and fighting spirit. Tales of his adventures spread across the lands of Eston and beyond, and soon he was known as a Hero of Eston. Despite his age, Marouane showed signs of great military intelligence, and he became a pupil of High Marshal Andrew McKay, who personally molded the youngster into a capable leader.

A few days after his 21st birthday, Marouane was appointed as Count of Malor, a small woodland region bordering the lands of Darka. He swore fealty to the Duchy of Massillion, and continued his ways of before. Whenever a major battle was fought, Marouane was there, fighting alongside his men in the frontlines. Many high ranking officers and infiltrators have experienced first-hand the skills of the young Count. Jorel of Kent, one of Atamara's most feared infiltrators made an attempt on his life, and was sent fleeing into the shadows with a dagger wound. General Atrus of the Barony of Makar has been wounded in battle three times whilst trying to rival Marouane's swordfighting skills.

These events only added to the reputation of the youngest of the Barghouti brothers, and he was added to the inner circle of Eston, directly advising the High Council. Apparently, his input was greatly appreciated, as he was announced to be the next Marshal of the Army of Massillion should Lord Kahooli ever step down from the position. And so, with the new King in office, the Massillion knights are now led by Marouane Barghouti.

Moramroth lost

The struggle over the mountain region between Norland and Eston continues, after yet another takeover has succeeded, this time putting Norland in control. King Kahooli has announced that Norland will not enjoy ownership for long, and it is only a matter of time before another takeover attempt is made.

Saradic invaded

In the morning of December 1st, a small defending force was attacked and defeated by Barony troops. Although facing overwhelming odds, Marshal Marouane refused to flee the region, thereby directly disobeying an order given by the High Marshal. According to Richard Lightfoot, the messenger who was sent to Marouane, it was not treason. He claims that he could not get to the Marshal in time, and the battle had already begun when he arrived at the commander's quarters.

The Eston defenders fought bravely against an army twice as strong, and managed to capture Bilbo, Knight of Icegate, and wound General Atrus. Eyewitness reports say that it was Marshal Marouane himself who delivered a blow to the Viking General. He was struck down by one of Atrus' personal guards before he was able to deliver the coup de gras.

One Eston soldier said the following: "The Marshal had been awaiting an opportunity to send his cavalry in, and when he saw the banner of Atrus' unit, he rushed in, followed by his cavaliers. He went past several enemy units, and headed straight for the enemy general. He managed to knock Atrus off his horse. From what I could see, Atrus took a blow to the shoulder and was unable to gon on fighting. Just as he was about to be slain by Marshal Marouane, one of his personal guards rushed in and stabbed our commander in the back. That was the last I saw of him."

Although their General was out of the battle, the Barony forces managed to defeat the defending forces, who were now without a leader, and they now control the battlefield.

New region commanders

Two new region commanders have been appointed by their respective Dukes over the past few days. In the North, Niels was appointed as Count of Slantrax, and in the South, Sir Logan, Royal Treasurer of Eston has been named the new Marquis of Anost.