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Elihism is the way of reed. The reed works together with others, never alone. The reed bends and flows with the passing winds and waters, never against. The reed revitalizes the lands and waters it grows in, becoming one with its environment.
Elihism is not about worshiping deities, it is instead a way of life. A way of treating and being treated by others. It does not ask you to change religious beliefs, just asks you to respect its ways.

It is by following the way of the reed that we learn how to live with ourselves and with others within our life.


Support those around you and they will do so also.
Just as the reed supports other reeds around it to strengthen the whole.

Respect others opinions and ideals as fighting against them can mean tragedy.
Juat as reeds bend and flow with the waters and winds, accepting what comes their way and then coming back renewed

Provide for those around you and greater rewards will come to you.
Just as the reed strengthen the lands it grows in, cleans the water it lies in, provides food for the fauna that live around them, so should we provide for others, support others, This will strengthen all those around them

Acceptance of all others no matter there beliefs, freedom in all its forms is provided to all.
The reed accepts all, if you wish sanctuary the reed will hide and protect you, if you want warmth the reeds will provide a bed. Be wary though, fight against the reeds and they will entangle you, slow you.

Elihism is a way of being one with yourself, one with others, one with the world.
If a peasant, then you are one with your work, one with your surroundings, one with your tasks at hand. A warrior is one with his training, one with his techniques, a true warrior master of the Way of the Reed is never hit in battle. A tutor is one with his pupils, ever guiding, ever listening, ever supporting. Elihism does not preach its ways from stands within cities preying upon the weak-minded, Elihism is just a way you conduct yourself in life.

Continent Far East
Founder Ryft
Main Temple Ethiala, Treror
Temples 1
Followers 3900 commoners
Noble Followers 1 nobles
Priests 1
Shrines 1