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Located on::East Continent
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East Coast
Hunting, Farming

Sordidus is a badlands region on the East Continent currently belonging to Caligus in the Duchy of Domus.


Sordidus, a varied region bordered by the Fens of Aestus, the Akesh Mountain Range and the townslands of Viseu, Tokat and the rural area of Aureus. The combination of climes has created a diverse people, with mutton being a favored meal due to it's availability. The local trade is mostly based off of hunting and farming as there are large swathes of fertile land and an abundance of deer, elk and wild goat.

The homes here are primarily built from mud, brick and wood. Most of these homes sport reeds imported from Aestus as roofing.

The largest estate is the Akesh Foothills Manor. Appropriately situated in the Akesh Foothills, the manor is built out of stone from that region and is surrounded by farmland.

Ravenhill is an old military structure converted into more comfortable living quarters. It is built on Sordidus' side of the hill that is situated both in Sordidus and Aestus.

Ravenplain is the term for the area around Ravenhill, however it is also the name for a medium sized hunting village. This village houses most of the temples of the region and said temples are the reason for the village's growth.

One of the most popular stops for travellers between Viseu and Sordidus is a roadside inn quite originally called Wayside Inn. It is a two-storey building made from wood and brick. It is surrounding by a few farms and a small market has sprung up around it as well as a few homes belonging to hunters.