Dwilight/Regional Drinking Habits

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Maintaining the old customs the inhabitants of Poryatown prefer local wine varieties common to only the region. They maintain a certain isolationism in drinking habits, and pride in their traditional recipes.


Creators of the Imperial Standard the Askileans produce, export and drink a variety of strongly marked flavor, that has been prioritized before all others as the Lurian best, by the authorities of the former Lurian Empire.


Maintaining more cosmopolitan habits it is hard to determine the Giaskan preference. Imports of all over Dwilight arrive in the port, along with the local products of Outer Giask.


Without an established drinking tradition the Vesperians are still in process of creating their own identity on the matter. Traces from the old Myern colony can be seen, and an attempt to mimic the Madinean products, no longer arriving in the Lurias due to the Republic's fall, has been met with mixed results.

High Toprak

Storm's End

Home of the Bloodmoon fruit, inhabitants of this region prefer a cold tea made from the fruit's peel. Although alcohol free, the tea is a addictive hallucinogenic and narcotic. Drinking a too strong mixture or eating the fruit itself can have a much intensified effect, but is often the goal of tavern dares. The majority of the Bloodmoon crop is sent to the port in Storm's Keep then exported throughout Dwilight.


A holdover from the days of the Saxon presence in Storm's Keep, mead still finds popularity throughout Northnastrond generally. This mixes with the local tradition in Storm's End, in that regional mead is sometimes made from the honey produced by pollen from the bloodmoon fruit blossom. This creates a drink both powerfully alcoholic and not insignificantly hallucinogenic.


A most popular spirit drunk in the Morek Empire, Ashrathe is a blend of anise and many herbs to make a colourless but potent alcohol. Popularized by the recipe's creator, the drink is sometimes called "Bowie's Demon," claiming that it, and not an actual demon, is the cause of the man's perpetual bout with demonic possession.