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Terran - Astrum Trade Accord

Treaty Text

I. All nobles of the Theocracy of Astrum or the Republic of Terran, hereby known as Astrum and Terran respectively, who wish to pursue international trading, will be given the right to buy and sell on the markets of both respective realms.

II. In cases of any natural situations resulting in severe food shortages in either realm, Astrum and Terran agree to provide reasonable assistance to alleviate the chance of starvation without compromising the other realm or it's pre-existing obligations. This may include the provision of food at market rates or a short-term loan of gold necessary to buy food at market rates.

III. Any nobles of Terran or Astrum caught trading on the black market will be dealt with on a case by case basis with the outcome determined by the Judicial authorities of the respective realms in conference with each other, and the Noble in question may have their rights as traders revoked until both Judicial authorities agree to reinstitute those rights.

IV. Any Terran or Astrum noble, not leading troops, will be allowed open and free access to each other's territory without threat of arrest or deportation, so long as the laws of the realm in question are respected and maintained.


This treaty was created on 2012-03-09.

Current Signatories