Darkscar Family

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The Origin

Almost none is known about the origin of Darkscar family. Rumour has it that "Darkscar" wasn't the actual name. It was first used by Damien Darkscar to conceal his true identity during his journey to Massillion, Eston. The future of this family has yet to be unveiled as of now.

The Family Members

Damien Darkscar

The first one to use the name "Darkscar". It might have something to do with the long, thin scar he has on his face, but the origin of the scar itself is kept secret by Damien. Damien never mentions his real family name and there was no hear-abouts or records of Darkscar family before him. Damien is very young, inexperienced, and unskilled, but he makes up for all those by his courage, companionship, and passion.

According to Damien, he travelled from his fallen hometown, which he didn't mention where or who razed it, before he arrived in Massillion, Eston. Along the journey, he was held captive by rogues, who thought he was a noble who could be ransomed for gold. However, during his captivity, he was able to convince them that he was the sole-survivor from his razed hometown, so no one would pay for the ransom. This was the first time he started using the name Darkscar, which would be the name he is known for.

He became friend with the rogues and learnt they were once soldiers, outcasted by their lord after retreating when given an order not to. They survived in the wilderness by hunting hares and deers, and, rarely, robbing passing nobles. They did have a code of conducts, including prohibiton of taking someone's live.

During one starless night, the rogues' hideout was attacked by a warband of goblins and orcs, many of them were slaughtered when they sleep. Damien was able to escape, together with 17 rogues. Damien decided to go to the nearest town to seek sanctuary. Due to the compassion and quality Damien demonstrated, the surviving rogues agreed to follow his journey and promised to protect him.

A couple of moons later, Damien eventually reached Eston and travelled deep into Massillion. When he encountered Eston border guards, he told them that he and the rogues were survivors from a fallen town, to prevent the rogues from being trialed. Realizing there were opportunities to start anew in Eston, he and his men pledged loyalty to Sir Andrew McKay, King of Eston.

Damien's career and adventure have just began. He is only a humble soldier now, but who knows what destiny lies ahead. As the wheel of time turns, Damien's past and future will be revealed.