Dark Hunter Hikari Family

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The Dark Hunter Hikari family has its home on Atamara, in the realm of Carelia, home of the Warriors. There, Azurei has grown to fame as a member of the Iron Hearts of Carelia. His twin, Dracorus, sailed across the great ocean to Beluaterra, and is the only one of the three brothers to hold a title as the Count of Xween in Luz de Bia. The youngest brother, Eien, travelled to Norland, realm of the Vikings, and has risen to even greater fame as a Hero.

The three of them grew up listening to their father's tales of the famed Iron Hearts of Carelia, and the wars against Tara and the Cagilan Empire. Alas, he didn't know of his son Azurei's appointment into the Iron Hearts, having been killed in a fight against CE as he was trading in Nida. Hearing this, Azurei swore to see the Empire of Cagil crumble to dust beneath his feet, if he had to die to see that day.