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Alexei da Chimeres arrived in Outer Tilog after he crash-landed on a beach near Hilly Holes. Before he could even finish breakfast he was abducted by Spot, a large metal dog and property of Angrist Bellator and thrown into the room beyond the infamous 'second door on your right'. Angrist reasons for this are unknown, but Alexei thinks the smell of his morning stew might have something to do with it.

Alexei ended up in an ancient system of cave underneath the tower of Angrist. There he found some goblins which he 'persuaded' into his service. He also found a metal drilling robot, which he dismantled. He used the parts of it to build a laboratory.

He is using this laboratory to copy his most perfect life form (his pet, Dice), and to communicate with the Noodle Hive (see below).


Alexei is of often seen in company of Dice, a tiny glob the size and shape of a dice. Of course the shape is relative, for Dice can change its shape on the fly. It is generally sheltered within a protective eye socket, but it can be moved outside of it. Dice changes color to represent its emotional state and is believe to have powerful intellectual properties.

The materials used to create Dice, as well as the methods are unknown. But it could well have been an unintended result from some weird experiment. Dice appears slimy and is pink of colour in his normal happy state. Some speculate Alexei and Dice communicate telepathically.

Dice's unique properties also allow the slow consummation of almost every type of material, except for glass. While consuming like this, Dice emits light and warmth.

Alexei regards Dice as his master creation and often referes to him as being perfect and 'the miracle'.


Alexei has long bright white hair and a goatee. He looks quite old, but his true age is shrouded in mystery because an accident in the past has changed his visage beyond recognition. He misses his left eye, and in its place there is a large socket, which houses Dice. He is often seen wearing eccentric pink robes.

Past Life

Details of his life before he stranded in Outer Tilog are scarce and largely unknown, though it is believed he was engaged in many areas of science, in particular biology, chemistry and primitive genetics. Some also call him a powerful master of deception and manipulation.


Alexei believes everything in the known world consists of small noodles. There are different kinds of noodles which translate into the different types of material we see around us (iron, glue, brain matter etc). He also strongly believes these noodles are able to commicate with each other (forces of nature), and that the entire universe in under the control of the Noodle Hive, a collective consciousness involving all noodles in existence, which controls the fate of everyone made of noodles (read EVERYONE).

Laboratory Lay-out

The lab of Alexei is, as said above, situated in a cavern underneath Angrist's Tower. The lab is build near a village of goblins and a large underground river, which serves as an energy source. Near the river he has constructed a hydro plant which uses the steady streams of the river to generate electricity. He used to have his entire lab near the river, but an unfortunate event involving Angrist's hydrant made him move all that to higher ground.

Further away from the river he has his 'brain restructurer' which he uses to change normal goblins into Dice worshipping disciples. These disciples have a powerful intellect, but due to the imperfections of the machine, casualties are common. He also recently started the construction of a Dimensional Anchoring Array, a machine that blocks all extra dimensional travel (including teleportation) in and out his laboratory. Apart from this he also possesses the basic mad scientist gear, including several electrically charged coils and obnoxiously large energy projectors.


Alexei's lab is located behind the infamous 'second door on your right'. The tower has a twisted logic of its own, and ANY second door on your right will lead to Alexei's abode. That means if you turn around, and the second door to your right becomes the second door to your left, it leads somewhere else. In fact you could avoid going into Alexei's lair by walking through the door whilst walking backwards.