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Cra'ithil is the following of the path of Linwe, an unrecognized Aenil. Her followers are granted assistance on the path to ascendancy after death, assistance that has been up till now hidden from mortals.


The Prophet, Gabriel de Grenefield was chosen by Linwe to find her High Priestess, the one that would spread news of her Path to the people. He was given a staff that would mark Linwe's High Priestess as her own and was sent out to find her. With Linwe's guidance, he approached Adine Evadne. Leaving all the details for later, he persuaded her to take the staff. As she examined it, the pale crystal eyes set in the carved raven of blackened wood began to glow like moonlight. Accepting this as the sign that Linwe had chosen Adine, she took on the role of High Priestess of Cra'ithil and the two set out to bring the news of Linwe's path to the realm.


Linwe has remained unrecognized by the Aenilic faiths simply because she chooses it that way. She prefers to do her work in the secrecy of the shadows, happy to break the tradition the Aenil have established of not teaching mortals how they too may ascend after death.


Linwe's most valued followers are the ones that share the path she walked in life - that of subterfuge, stealth, and intrigue. However, those that bend the rules to achieve the proper end, those that think for themselves, those that actively strive to challenge the old ways - those people are all welcome to follow the path of Linwe and receive her favor. Those that act impetuously, without regard for common sense or discretion, will be asked to change their ways or leave to continue following their own path.

Worship is not demanded by Linwe; she only wishes that her children follow her ways.

Other Religions

Linwe does not demand exclusive worship from her children, though of course she prefers that her children follow her path predominately. Because of this, Cra'ithil is cooperative with other Aenilic religions and all those that are willing to include following Linwe into their beliefs.