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The Corvian family originates from Nemaha in Atamara. Lucius Corvian was the first renowned noble of his family. Having spent his youth as a squire for a famous Minas Ithil noble, and subsequently being his trusted captain, Lucius was awarded a large estate on the coast of Nemaha, and given the rights to rule over a wealthy fishing village nearby. There, Lucius settled down and married the daughter from a local small noble family, named Claudia. Lucius ruled over the fishing village well, and the village soon prospered. Having grown without the wealth usually associated with nobility, Lucius was friendly with the peasants in the fishing village, and had always encouraged his children not to view commonfolks as second class citizens, although sometimes his views were not taken too kindly by other nobles.

Together, Lucius and Claudia Corvian have three children, Titus, Reylich and Nairii.


Titus is the eldest child of the Corvian family. Tall and well built, Titus has short black hair and big brown eyes. Titus spent his youth at sea, sailing to see all parts of Atamara, which contributes to his tanned skin. His thirst for adventure was unsatiable, and he almost always found himself in trouble when he was young. Jovial and friendly, and as taught by his father, Titus spent a lot of time with commonfolk, the likes of sailors and fishermen, in his youth, often resulting in him being the butt of jokes amongst his other friends of noble birth. The pent up frustration convinced Titus that he had to make the Corvian family name large and famous enough that noone will laugh at him ever again. And so began his noble adventure, as he joined Minas Leon.

Wielding his trusted lance, Titus can often be seen leading his infantry unit and charging headfirst into battle. He has fought in many battles for Minas Leon and King Raoul, and is determined to prove his worth to the realm, and the world. Initially appointed Viscount of Shiverwood, Titus lost his region following the glaciers and the invasion of the snow trolls. But his dedication did not go unnoticed for long, and he was soon appointed Viscount of Winwich. Titus is also a devout believer of The Way of the Warrior Saints, and has built two temples dedicated to the Warrior Saints, one in Shiverwood, and one in Winwich.

Tired from the the stagnation of Minas Leon, Titus initiated protests against King Raoul, which resulted in the King's forced removal from the throne. Envisioning leading Minas Leon into a new era, Titus ran for the position of King and was elected to the throne, after convincing his fellow nobles of his grand vision for the realm. However, his reign was very short lived as former King Raoul initiated a rebellion and with the support of the older nobles, managed to overthrow Titus.

Driven away from his homeland, and tired of the stagnation that was plaguing Atamara, Titus decided to emigrate to Beluaterra to continue his adventures. In the new continent, Titus joined Caelum, a small, but growing realm, determined to prove himself. Despite being a new noble, Titus was caught in the middle of a political uprising, and following a shuffling of the Council members, was appointed Judge by the young Queen Leigh. In his new capacity, Titus ensured justice and order within the realm, while striking deals with Caelum's enemies to ensure fair and reasonable treatment of nobles captured in battles.

Following Queen Leigh's sudden and mysterious disappearance, Titus was elected as King of Caelum in a surprisingly one sided election. He immediately set out to restore stability in Caelum, and negotiated a peace treaty with Nothoi.


Reylich is the second son of the Corvian family. Smaller and leaner than his elder brother, Reylich keeps his brown hair neatly combed all the time. He has small piercing, green eyes, which gives the impression of cunningness, which is unfounded. Always living in the shadow of his elder brother, Titus, Reylich decided to be the exact opposite of what his brother became. He spent his time studying about diplomacy, bureaucracy, and military strategies. But being part of the Corvian family, Reylich also had a love for the sea. Unfortunately, on one of his sailing trips, Reylich's ship was hit by a storm and capsized, leaving Reylich stranded in the Far East Continent, in Greater Aenilia. However, Reylich did not like the realm, and soon left for Dwilight, joining the realm of Barca.

Reylich truly made a name for himself in Barca, sticking with the realm and fighting alongside his newfound friends against Aurvandil, who was bent on destroying his new home. After repelling the Aurvandilian invasion, Reylich was soon appointed as one of the youngest Boetarch in Barcan history. He led the Barcan armies into battle on various occassions, and even annihilated Aurvandil with the help of Barca's allies, D'Hara and Fissoa.

Reylich's efforts was rewarded soon enough, as he was appointed as one of the Barcan Elder in the Southern League, and the Senator of Evanburg. However, his happiness was short lived as monsters invaded western Dwilight, forcing Barca to leave their home in search of a new on east Dwilight, and confronting their old enemies, Luria Nova.

After years of serving as Boetarch of Barca, and leading the realm's army in numerous wars, Reylich stepped down as Boetarch. Feeling jaded, and tired of constant warfare, Reylich decided to leave Barca in search of a new home where he can rest both hid mind and body. And so began his trek to North Dwilight, hoping to find what he's looking for.

Reylich finally found a new home in Morek Empire, after he received an invitation from Grandmistress Eviera. With the lack of nobles in Morek, Reylich was quickly appointed as Margrave of Donghai. Jaded from military life, Reylich pursued a career as a courtier, in order to stabilise and maintain the regions of his new realm. But the desire to lead his men into the battlefield still burns strongly within him, and it is only a matter of time before Reylich returns to military life.


The youngest child, and only daughter of the Corvian family, Nairii was often overly protected by her parents as a child, especially her mother Claudia, who had hoped Nairii would grow to be a noble housewife much like herself. Nairii is short and petite, with long black hair that she always keeps tied up in a plaid. She may small, but Nairii is fiercely independent and very opinionated. Determined to make a name for herself and follow in her brothers' footsteps, Nairii fled her home and sailed to Far East, where she joined Kindara, which was in the middle of the war against the Imperial forces of the north. Nairii finally found her calling and immediately began settling into her new realm. She took up an estate in Azohib, where she was promoted to Countess of Azohib following the former Lord's mysterious disappearance.

But the glaciers soon swallowed up Azohib, and Nairii was left homeless. Still Nairii continued fighting for Kindara, although she slowly grew weary of the lack of leadership in the realm. Nairii finally left Kindara to join their allies, Cathay, where she continued her fight against the Imperial forces. But the war against the Empire soon broke the morale of the Cathay nobles, and favouring reason over sentiments, Nairii was one of the vocal supporters for peace between Cathay and the Empire, insisting that the survival of Cathay would ensure greater opportunities in the future, even if it means being part of the Empire.

As Nairii continued to show loyalty and commitment to the cause, she was elected as High Marshal of Cathay. Even so, she was still a proponent of peace, and after lengthy negotiations, Cathay finally signed a treaty with Arcaea and the Empire. Utilising the period of peace after a long and tiring war, Nairii's first actions as High Marshal was to organise a restructuring of Cathay's military infrastructure which will allow them to be better prepared for any future conflicts.


Kaine is the only son of Caius Corvian, brother to Lucius Corvian. An accident caused Caius to perish in his family home, incidentally burning all of of his belongings and wealth, and Kaine bore witness to all these at the tender age of 14. Since then, Kaine has been living with his uncle Lucius Corvian. Short and slightly built, Kaine has long golden hair, which he got from his mother, and blue eyes, which he got from his father. Never particularly gifted in swordmanship, Kaine is very intelligent, and has a very glib tongue which he uses very well. Lucius has never liked Kaine much, due to his fractured relationship with his late brother, Caius, and when a new war-torn continent called South Island emerged from the seas, he immediately sent the young Kaine to start his noble career in Ikalak.

Although not particularly adept at swordmanship, Kaine proved his mettle in battle, taking part in several skirmishes against Sandalak forces. But it was back in his own region of Dakan, where he was appointed Lord, that he showed his skills at man management and administration. With constant work, Dakan soon became one of the best performing, although not richest, regions in Ikalak, with the people loyal and happy, and production maintained at high levels, ensuring bountiful harvests and full coffers.

Following Mistress of Justice Amelia's retirement, Kaine was elected as Master of Justice of Ikalak. During his term, he successfully negotiated a prisoners agreement with Taselak, ensuring fair treatment of nobles captured in battle. His successful term ensured his re-election as Judge for a second term.


Not much is known about this mysterious girl who claims to hail from Corvian family. Tall, slim, with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes, the young Ellyses started her career in Nivemus, taking an estate in the fortress of Kazakh. It remains to be seen what this girl's motives are for claiming to be a Corvian.