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The Order of the Citadel

By Torsaan the Great, Priest of The Word

Religion is a double-edged sword. If you stay on terms with a religion, it can bring prosperity to your realm. On the other hand, if you anger them they can cause riots and the populace will dislike you. Of course, you can always just institue a state religion (but where is the fun in that?).

Temples are much like guild houses. Here, you can manage funds, ranks, and the official views on other religions. They convert peasants at a speed related to size of temple and number of peasants.

1, Small Shack. Serves 1500 followers.
2, Primitive Temple. Serves 4000 followers.
3, Small Temple. Serves 7000 followers.
4, Medium Temple. Serves 10000-15000 followers.
5, Large Temple. Serves at least 20000 followers (not sure).
6, Magnificent Temple. Serves 40000 followers (I saw it! In Unger on Beluaterra.)

Variant: Same beliefs, same gods, different names.
Ignore: Ignorance is bliss! Don't look at them.
Misguided: Fools, why don't they see the light?
Evil: Evil! Heretics! Kill them to save them, or at least prevent the taint from spreading.

Don't do much. A statue of some sort, converts peasants slowly. Not really useful. Better than nothing.

The primary force of a religion. Convert. have quite a few options actually... these are related to number of followers in region, and region lord's faith.

Estimate religions... - study what the locals believe in. Tells you percentages and exact numbers.
Look for other priests - find out which other priests are around (takes 1 hour). Need I say more?
Preach... - convert more followers to your faith. The higher preaching level, more you convert. Preaching is easier in cities (centralized) than in badlands or mountains (you have to travel)
Influence followers... - tell the believers what to think. Scare em, calm em, make them riot, badmouth a realm, or laud (praise) a realm.
Pray for Signs - ask the gods for signs of undead or monsters, usually the more prominent one. Not very useful.
Build shrine -
Persecute heretics - Persecute the evil and misguided. Sure, some of your own will die, but most of the heretics will as well. Persecuting misguided causes you to lose some followers.
Claim Region - Changes the region lord (as far as I know, still todo)
Construct an Auto da Fe - The inquisition. Persecute any who don't follow your religion. Still todo.

== WAR ==
Religion is useful in war. First off, it's a free excuse to declare a war (it's a holy war!) and you can keep your TO-able regions safe by badmouthing the other realm. Laud your realm in their lands, TOs will be easier! Get a large enough following, claim the region; little strife required!

Religion is the tying factor. It holds the hearts of noble and peasants alike. It is great for RPing and can be very fun, or very stressful. A wise general will not only watch for invasions by an army, but by a religion. Being allied to a realm whose religion you find evil is near impossible, riots and unrest will result. Not only can you fight with swords now, but with words as well. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!