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Actions are things that you can do concerning only your character. Visiting the bank or a guildhouse, doing paid work, or challenging someone to a duel are in this category because only your character is performing the action, not his unit. Changing classes is also done here because it only affects your character.

In all cases, links for actions that have elipses after them, (e.g. Change Class...) will lead to a second page where you will be presented with various options as regards your selection (in this example, the second page would list the various classes you can change into). Links without periods after them (e.g. Mix with the locals) will perform their function immediately. Effectively, that means that actions with periods after them can be canceled after initially selecting them, while actions without periods cannot.

The exact actions available to you may change based on your class, prestige, family wealth, etc. Some unavailable options will be listed under "Things you can not do". Some actions may not be shown at all unless you meet specific requirements. The list below is not a complete list. Some things you will have to discover for yourself.

Mix with the Locals

You can find out what is bothering the local townspeople. This gives you information of their likes/dislikes/allegiances, if they like or dislike their taxes, etc. Most importantly, it gives information on how much longer a resistance will last during a takeover. Only players with less than 5 prestige can see this action.

Financial Actions

Your character visits your realm's bank. There you can exchange bonds for gold, or gold for bonds. You can also send bonds to another noble in your realm, or to your family. (Note: You cannot send bonds directly to another of your own characters.)

Change Class

If you don't like your current class or subclass, this action will show you the other classes your character can become.


If you are dissatisfied with the current government, this will give your character the option of joining or leaving the underground. If you are in the underground, this action also allows you to send messages to other members and to see how many other members there are. Membership in the underground is completely anonymous. If a rebellion breaks out, you will still be given the option of declaring loyalty to either side.


Allows you to send a message to another noble in the same region, challenging them to a duel of honour.

Disagree or Protest

This allows you to send a message expressing your disagreement with a noble on the realm council (ruler, general, judge, or banker). This can be done either secretly or publicly. While protesting secretly allows you to do so without anyone knowing you did it, it will also have a much smaller effect. (Note: This is an in character action to be used when your character disagrees with another character's actions. If you have an OOC issue with another player, then you should work it out directly with that player via private OOC messages. If the issue is serious, or involves abuse, contact the Titans.)

Join Tournament

This lets you see how many days are left until a tournament starts, how long it would take for you to travel there, entrance fee, prizes, and what type of tournament is being held. You can also join the tournament from here.

Visit Temples

Paying 1-5 gold to local priests (not of any particular in-game Religion), you can find out local information regarding the peoples views toward outsiders and specific realms, food production and consumption, and other bits of useful information. If you are a member of an established religion, then this option is not open to you.

Visit . . . Guildhouse/Temple

You visit that building, where you can view a short description of the guild or religion, and can apply for membership. If you are already a member of the guild or religion, this action will let you access the various options available to you according to your rank in that organization. (Note: The option that says visit the "temple" with no specific name of a religion allows you to donate gold to the local priests and in exchange, gain some "underground" information about the region.)


If you don't like the continent you're on, this will allow you to move to a different one. However, it can only be done from a city or town next to water, requires some gold, forces you to abandon your unit, and comes with a penalty to your honor and prestige.

Visit Academy

Your character attends a school of sorts and pays a tutor to train them in the use of skills that the character's class finds useful.


Opens up options for buying and selling merchandise in this region, provided you have caravans with you.

Bounty Board

If you're in a city, you can check who has a bounty on their head and how much it is. You can also post new bounties or increase an existing one.

Family Support

If you have a wealthy family and you're low on funds, you can sometimes dispatch a messenger to bring you gold directly from your family's wealth.

Family Investment

If you have a wealthy family, you can invest a few hundred gold coins into the production of a region, boosting the economic output.