Burgos Family

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Arising from the Toren Stronghold of Toren, this small family has birthed three very brave souls.

The first is Khaemil. A silent and very deadly Barbarian who hold allegiance to no man. He is currently lending his hand at killing the undead hordes in Beluaterra. Wherever he roams he sends chills of fear up the undead's spine.

The second is the Hero Danny. He is still searching for a realm and battlefield to call his own. He first held his allegiance to Toren. However Toren was leading his realm down the road of disaster. A group of hopefuls called the Toren Reform Party took him in as a member and tried, but failed,to change things. Disgusted with his realm he left for Taselak. Their he fought in the greatest battle he ever fought in.In that battle the majority of the Toren council was either captured or injured. Now he rests his head in Alowca. What will happen? Only the gods know...

Last,and least, is Goorgian the unfortunate. Why is he called this you ask? It is bad luck, of course. Now what will happen with him? He rests his head in Aquitaine. Hopefully fortune and honour will find him.


Other members of the family might include: