Blue Star Clan Family

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Blue Star Family

Family is orginally form Atamara but this was only realized after a realtive arrived on the east contient and told them the story of why they left and so part of the family went and other stayed.

Their were 3 Flowin, Derwin, And Canila. Flowin and Derwin both served in Ibladesh at the same time. And grew toghter. But on the other hand Canila and Flowin (cousin)went to a Island called Atamara Where he entered a Valcano and soon after joined Draka. He later left and went exploring and sent messages back to his brothers about the land. Canaila extabilshed the family home in Atamara and not long after disappeared from alls knowledge of the family.

Now thier are Derwin, Canila (Hiddin some where on Atamara), Baldor(Derwins and Canila's nephew Flowin's Son) and Flowin(the cousin who went with CanilaAtamara)

Flowin (Cousin)

All that is know is after the family learned the truth and some went back to Atamara and found where they had long lived and located themselves their and he is not the smartess but one of the most strong will of the family and like all Flowins he has become a Hero. A man ready to die but a man of his honour. Is in Draka sharpening his skill. He has Moved the family home to Azzal the Capital of Draka and serves as a knight Under Lord Goarth Duke of Azzal. Head of family till Derwin returns


The middle child but the strubborn of them. He lived in Ibladesh and fought by Flowin's side till Flowin died. After time passed he left and went on into the Harbor and set sail not wanting to see the realm ever again b/c of what happened and the memories that had befallen him thier. He arrived on a Island with 3 Realms all at war with one another. He went to the Realm Ikalak. And fought thier threw thick and thin. But he does miss both his home and his ever longing to see his familys Mansion in Draka.

Has returned to The east contient and is now in Fontan with his nephew and they fight side by side. Just as before as he and his brother.

Left the East continet once agian and is n a strange realm Buletra. He resided in Old grehk. And he still longs to see the Mansion in Draka. After some warring he found a more welcoming realm Plergoth. He does his best here living day to day thinking of returning to Draka. He serves Plergoth with all his strength and wealth notting is left but his will and his desire. Currently Head of Family

Rising of the Blue Star Family

After a long while the Blue Star family kept to itself and slowly withered and grew short in number in Draka they start again to spread around. The ones on the East Contient began to spread as well. The family heir's spread and are in search of a new home.

Virgo One named Virgo traveled south and ended up in a realm Cagilan Empire. He holds on to the might horn his father crafted while still in Draka.

Valthonis The son of Derwin abandoned in Ibladesh apon the departure to a island has grown to become a man. He holds the last token his father bestowed on him and he named the flute "Blue Angel". He has lost contact with the majority of his family and is thought to be orphaned.

Lost Relatives

Baldor He is the Son of Flowin well the one that is Derwin's and Canila's Brother. He has fought long and hard in Fontan hoping one day he too may see the sight of the Blue Star Mansion in Draka. He currently is Fighting day to day for his men and his Realm against the orcs and Evily elves.

He was Given a Flute sent to him by Derwin right before he left to go to a different Island. This Flute was once Flowins and Baldor has his own which he plays it when feels calm and smooth and after battles mourning the dead. He has retired from fighting and has gone on to another path to become a Bard he can been seen after battles playing his flute. (Currently in Draka in the mansion just enjoying life) Later emmigrated and was lost and became a commoner..Nothing else is to be said

Flowin The oldest of the siblings was born around Ibladesh in the days of bliss he and his brother Derwin were always side by side in whatever they did. And he fought in his last battle against itrount and thats where he died a Hero.

Canila Very odd brother of the three he was born on the East contient and then got on a ship and went exploring and then came to a land strange and fire spit up form a rock and he established himself thier and then he wen wandering in different realm and regions and then disappeared of the map and is yet to be seen by family.