Batesaor (Realm)

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Disambig gray.svg This article outlines the former realm. For the region, see Batesaor.

Note: This realm is now dead, killed by Soliferum and Nighthelm is a duel assault on their cities.


Location of Fontan
Continent / Island Far East
Capital Batesaor City
Largest City Batesaor City
Government System Republic


Region Numbers 0
Population 0

Batesaor is a realm on the Far East.We are free in Batesaor. Any man or woman is welcome in Batesaor. A heavan on Earth, filled with beer, money and anyone's wildest dreams. Speak and roam free in Batesaor. Any and all are welcome, your history does not matter, you can start fresh. Welcome to Batesaor, the Mans' Heavan.