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Maxwell is the current leader of the family officialy, loyally serving the Ash Sea Islands as a troop leader in the start of his career. His units were known for fierce fighting in the thickest of battle, led personally by he himself. On two occasions his unit was completely massacred, yet Maxwell himself miraculously escaped harm on each occasion. Maxwell swore and oath after the decimation of his Ash guard. He sworre he would eprsonally strike revenge on the Carelian Empire. What had started as petty squabbles and war had turned into a personal mission for Maxwell.

Sadly, after he returend to face them in battle, all did not go well.

A particularly bloody battle took place in Craigmore, in which Maxwell's cavalry unit was slaughtered, save three wounded soldiers. These soldiers became Maxwell's personal bodyguards in battle, rewarded for their unflinching bravery in the face of the Carelian army. On his return to Barnlure, after tirelessly trekking back to native lands, he found stories of the "Crimson Charge" had already spread back to the homeland. He was being treated as a hero, at least among some of the peasantry anyway.

A soldier through and through, Maxwell lives mainly to fight against those that would threaten his family and his realm, and is prepared to give his life for the Ash Sea Islands if necessary. He knows his death in battle is inevitable, but his philosophy is this:

"I know I'm going to die, and I accept that. But I'm not dead yet!"

Dark words for one so young, but still true nonetheless.

Lately Maxwell has begun talking more and more about Honour, instead of just striving to become a better fighter. Could this be connected with the Brotherhood he has joined? Almost certaintly. this has casued mixed feelings in his troops. He could lead them to glory, or certain death. All in the name of honour.

Battle History:

Battle of Sullenport A battle to secure the city of Sullenport. Maxwell's first battle. Victory, No casualties

Unknown Battle Defeat, Ash Guard massacred. Remaining troops desert.

Battle of Craigmore A battle in retalitaion against the Carelian Empire. A miscalculation led to a complete and utter defeat of the Ash Sea Island forces. Defeat, Crimson Heavy Riders decimated. Three remain, all wounded.

Guilds and ranks

Ashlantean Treasury Initiate