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The Alusa Family


The Alusas are an as-of-yet little-known noble family, founded by Jacquot Alusa. His three sons, Dusim, Draven, and Danesti, named after the three trade winds, are the current scions.



Jacquot Alusa founded the Alusa family only twenty years ago; however, he and his children claim that they are descended from Dracyul, fabled Prince of Poitiers. According to legend, Prince Dracyul conquered almost all of the East Continent before falling in battle with the barbarians of the north. His empire then fell and was divided into the continent's modern realms.

Dusim Alusa: Dusim was a brave cavalry commander who fought on the loyalist side throughout the Westmoor Civil War. He became well-known and trusted throughout the realm; however, he died of his wounds at the age of 23, after a battle with Caligan forces in Troyes.

Draven Alusa: Draven originally traveled to Eston, on the island of Atamara. However, he felt a restlessness in his soul after only a short time there, and left soon, to go to the realm of Riombara, on Beluaterra. Once there, he was quickly elected Viscount of Mio Dupaki, and is now one of the High Chancellor's military advisors.

Danesti Alusa: Originally having traveled to Astrum on Dwilight, Danesti eventually grew tired of the grinding wars against the monsters which infested the realm, and traveled south, to the Republic of Terran. There, he has fought more wars against the monsters, and is now running for the lordship of the region of Shoka.