Alumaani Family

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The Alumaani line stretches back into the beginning of public records and has long been considered with both disdain and respect. Historically a large family consisting of travellers, labourers and horse traders, the Alumaani have now begun to carve a name for themselves within respectable society, without losing the tempered personalities of those brought up in a poorer environment.

Pechan Alumaani is the first of his line to enter into the nobility with land and title bestowed upon him for services unkown to the King of the land his family had settled in for the winter. His offspring, through raised in a life of etiquette and courtly duties, maintained a close relationship with their wider family, travelling often from place to place, never really feeling they belonged to one land.

Family, personal honour and the ability to fight well are prized most highly in this family. Their word is their bond and many have now sworn fealty to various lieges due to these personal attributes, sometimes even finding themselves on the opposite side of a battle to their own blood.