Aethersmith Family

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Family History


The Aethersmiths are an ancient and loyal family of Bisquez. Their venerated grandmother is the oldest member of the family, the only one who was there during the war with Darka. The eldest daughter, Jaerrith, had sworn at a young age to rebel against the state, but gained respect for the Darkan nobility soon after she came of age and became a troop leader. Her two younger brothers perished under mysterious circumstances soon after they left the family, but her very youngest brother, Adarnak, journeyed to Tara to support their cause.

Ancient History

The Aethersmith family dates far back into the history of Atmara. Keiren Aethersmith was one of the first settlers in what is now Bisquez, and became a prosperous lieutenant in the local military. He married a young woman from one of the other colonies, and together they founded a small village outside of Bisquez. Their descendants grew wealthy through skillfull political maneuvering and their kind yet strict management of their peasant vassals.