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Vladamire Abjur

(Warrior/Diplomat) Ambassador to other realms and Viscount of Hulaferd in Outer Tilog among the Colonies. Formerly Ambassador to other realms, and knight in the service of Steepglades in Outer Tilog among the Colonies under Iuz Vidar Crownguard. Formerly Minister of Offense, Ambassador to other realms, and knight in the service of Outer Tilog City in Outer Tilog among the Colonies under Duke Angus. Formerly Viscount of Bode Batura, Martial of the M.C.C.T. of Outer Tilog and knight in the service of Outer Tilog City in Outer Tilog among the Colonies under Duke Angus.

The younger of the Abjur Brothers, Vladamire Abjur is considered a fool by some and a brilliant tactician and ambassador by others. "Silver tongued snake" is a term tossed around frequently when discussing the Hilly Holes native. His plotting lost Outer Tilog city, the capital of his realm, yet an overwhelmingly large number of the other nobles still keep him in office, so he's obviously suited to Outer Tilog politics. He spearheaded the peace agreement between Outer Tilog and Lukon, and helped forge the long standing and close alliance between Outer Tilog and the Assassin Guild. Rumor has it that several realms have interest in recruiting him despite his Tilogian nature. He became ennobled after a stint as clerk and receptionist of the Ministry of Entertainment & Tourism, where he became intimately familiar with Outer Tilog law and mace use.

He's best known for his Cult of The Eye (a slavishly loyal sub-sect cult of the Apostles of the Abyss who worship a specific unknown Daemon that he rules over as a pseudo-messiah figure and uses as spies and shock troopers) and the large number of bloodless bodies found by Giblot looters in his mansion in OTC. No Giblot soldier has dared enter that building since. He is believed to practice the dark arts of Daemonology and Necromancy with wild abandon and is a strong supporter of the Apostles of the Abyss, being one of the founding (non-priestly) members of that religion. Rumors persist that Vladamire is a member of the undead, a vampire, but no solid evidence has yet turned up.

Tall and thin and ghostly pale, Vladamire is often draped in a heavy black mantle cloak and long sleeved robes even on warm days for protection from the sun, he wore the "purple helmut" of the Ministry of Offense reluctantly due to it's size and ornateness, and in times of battle frequently wears brigantine armor under his robes for protection. He's never seen without his scythe, his preferred weapon. He wears his dark hair long and lose and is notable for his elongated canines, which are always visible when he speaks or smiles and has contributed to the rumors that he is a vampire.

Aramon Abjur

(Warrior/Hero) Currently Arbiter of Greater Xavax and Margrave of Itor Boss, formerly Count of Oc Lu Pesh in the service of Greater Xavax, Viscount of Nidalery in the service of Outer Tilog, General of Lukon, Margrave of Padaost in the service of Lukon, Count of Nirlony in the service of Lukon, Banker of Lukon, Shadow Tyrant of Assassins, Count of Hulaferd in the service of Assassins. Formerly a knight in the service of Alebad City in Alebad among the Colonies under Sir Eugene II Woodford, Duke of Alebad. Formerly a knight in the service of Ibyp in Taselak on SEI under Lady Lindsy.

The older of the Abjur Brothers, Aramon Abjur believes in an idealized form of honor, so much so that as a young man he fled his birthplace of Outer Tilog and grew up on the South East Island in Taselak where he was raised to knighthood. A proud warrior, his skill with the sword often saw him in the forefront of Taselak's push outward after Ikalak betrayed Toren, ironically when they had Taselak all but defeated.

As a member of Taselak, one of his last acts in her service (and one of the last acts of the war) was to loot the vaults of her enemy in Ikalak City bare before the island sunk, only just escaping being swallowed up by the waves himself with a bag stuffed with gold tucked under one arm. As part of Alebad, he fought her longtime foes Lukon and Oritolon in the field and on her walls, suffering several wounds for his trouble. When Craft Titanus, then Judge of Alebad, insulted his bravery and honor when Aramon counciled finding a peaceful resolution to their war, Aramon slew him in a duel, striking the judge for several minor wounds before slaying him with one terrific blow. After Alebad City fell, he moved north and joined the realm of the Assassins, where he took part in several successful campaigns under that banner. He served as Count of Hulaferd (several times) in the Guild's attempt to tame the wild people there. After the mysterious disappearance of the former Shadow Tyrant, he found himself forced to offer himself for the role, and surprisingly won the position in a narrow victory. He served as Shadow Tyrant for a long time, witnessing the fall of several enemy realms, such as Wetham and Giblot, and cultivated a surprising romance with a young noble lady named Lullaby Blakeshadow and friendships with rulers thoughout the Colonies. Sadly this time of peace would not last. Facing a noble named Nightling in a duel, he was finally defeated a killed by the stab of a rusty knife to the neck. Or was he? After his "death" Lullaby Blakeshadow left the Assassins Guild, bearing Aramon's saber to Lukon, where she gave it to Aramon. Aramon, suspecting that certain nobles wished him dead, faked his death and escaped to Lukon, where he was welcomed by the ruler and general, who had become his friends during his time as Shadow Tyrant. Lullaby Blakeshadow would eventually retire to her families estate, giving Aramon no reason for her sudden departure, and after several years of service in Lukon, he returned to shadow haunted Outer Tilog. Some rumors were that he returned to join their war with a resurrected Giblot, others that his brother Vladamire lured him back with promises of information about Lullaby. Whatever the reason, when Giblot fell Aramon found himself drugged and on the first ship to the East Continent. He found himself in the young realm known as the Imperium of Greater Xavax, and fully intended to retire, perhaps take up the robes of a priest, or return to being a courtier as he was during the retaking of Hulaferd. Fate had other ideas...

Aramon typically wields a long heavy cavalry saber both in battle and when dueling, his "Saber of Taselak" that was given to him when he became a knight, and prefers to wear a coat of mail. Physically, he stands at over seven feet and is powerfully built. His face and massive body are covered in ritualistic scars and tattoos of Daimonic script that cover nearly all his visible skin, making him look more like a savage than civilized noble, an impression reinforced by his filed teeth (which, like his body art, were done by his parents against his will). He has pale skin, blue eyes, and dark black hair, like his brother, but wears his hair in a mass of braids.