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The Crownguard family originates from the Viking realm of Norland, in the region of Mansbridge on Atamara. A family not of noble birth, they received their name by supplying the kings of the North with personal men-at-arms for many generations. The family patron that started the family down the road to greatness was Hogni Crownguard. A true viking through and through. A man-at-arms, renown for his debauchery and absolutely devastating prowess in battle. However, at a very young age he was hobbled and was required to work the land to support his family. Hogni turned his battle prowess towards recruitment services for various landed nobles in the North, and took the poor Crownguard family from rags to riches in a few short years.

Three sons were begat by Hogni; Hrothgar, Sigurth and Thorar. The three sons became great fighting men of the North, and would go viking every season to shores abroad, further increasing the family's wealth. Until eventually, they were able to fund their way into Norland's nobility.

Hrothgar begat Derack, Dane, Garm and Magnus. Thorar begat Bergelmir. And Sigurth begat Volstagg and many peasants in Mansbridge as well as many other regions of the North. Rumor has it, he still is begatting. Magnus begat Sigurd Havarth and Bergelmir begat Iuz Vidar.