Crownguard Family

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Crownguard Family
Fame 38
Wealth 7835
Home Region Naan Forest
Home World Colonies


The Crownguard family originates from the Viking realm of Norland, in the region of Mansbridge on Atamara. A family not originally of noble birth, they received their name by supplying the kings of the North with personal men-at-arms for many generations. The family patron that started the family down the road to greatness was Hogni Crownguard. A true viking through and through. A man-at-arms, renown for his debauchery and absolutely devastating prowess in battle. However, at a very young age he was hobbled and was required to work the land to support his family. Hogni turned his battle prowess and charismatic nature towards recruitment services for various landed nobles in the North, and took the poor Crownguard family from rags to riches in a few short years.

Three sons were begat by Hogni; Hrothgar, Sigurth and Thorar. The three sons became great fighting men of the North, and would go viking every season to shores abroad, further increasing the family's wealth. Until eventually, they were able to fund their way into Norland's nobility.

Hrothgar begat Derack, Dane, Garm and Magnus. Thorar begat Bergelmir. And Sigurth begat Volstagg and many peasants in Mansbridge as well as many other regions of the North. Rumor has it, he still is begatting. Magnus begat Sigurd Havarth, Bergelmir begat Iuz Vidar and Dane begat Raud.

Derack the Daring: Eldest of the Crownguard Family, Prime Minister of Norland and conclave member of The Warrior Brotherhood of Atamara. Bore the mark of Odin the All-Father. And wielded a mystical battleaxe of smiting. A legendary hero, that died gloriously in battle, and now resides in Odin's great hall.

Magnus the Mighty: Founder of The Warrior Brotherhood of Atamara, Duke of glorious Wayburg before he seceded from Abington to found the monarchy of Caergoth. Where he remained King and wielder of the mystical hammer 'Ginstr' (Grinder) for many years. His patron was Thor and he died of grief over the disgrace that infested his once mighty realm.

Garm the Devourer: Brought back one too many times by his Aunt Cecilia, Garm is naught more than a slavering, gobbling wolf-beast. With virtually nothing left of his humanity, wretched as it was he has been Duke of Hilly Holes for many years on the Colonies in Outer Tilog. His tenure as Minister of Offense has lasted uncontested since he donned the purple helmut.

Dane the Furious: A man so driven by rage, he frequently disappeared into the icy wilderness. His patron was Tyr, and he sought righteous justice against all those foolish enough to be his enemy. After years as General of The Barony of Makar and Count of Shiverwood, he stepped down to be Duke of Icegate and was slain by some worthless cretin who had no respect for all his years of dutiful service to the dictator Sordnaz and the realm.

Kharebutu the Fourfold Fiend: When Aunt Cecilia attempted to bring her long lost husband, Hogni Crownguard back from the grave, Kharebutu came in his place. Hogni stated that coming back to her was a fate worse than the abyss. Kharebutu was a fiend heralding from the bottom of the abyss itself, and wielded a massive mattock. The magics eventually wore thin, and Kharebutu was drawn back to the Abyss.

Sigurd the Strong: Son of Dane the Furious, had walked away from his family's nobility in search of ale, women and adventure. His patron was Magni the Strong, son of Thor. Unnaturally strong, he wielded any weapon he can get his hands on. Which more often than not, was nothing more than his bare hands. Rumor has it he was consumed by monstrous ice trolls in the far fields of the North.

Bergelmir the Fearless: is a large, hairy and burly man. His name literally translates from the ancient runes to "Mountain Roarer". He has taken residence on Beluaterra as Baron of Ukh and General of Thalmarkin.

Derackson the Cunning: First born of the legendary Derack the Daring had left the academy early to wield the axe in his father's stead. He was so much like his father that many mistook him for Derack the Daring himself. All he vied for was battle, mead and more battle. His time was short lived and he fell during an epic battle in Winwich just as his father did before him.

Volstagg the Voluminous: This man was quite possibly the most obese individual on Atamara, and despite all his bumbling had a heart that dwarfed his massive girth. Peasants locked up their larders when Volstagg was around, and nary a pie left out to cool on a window sill was safe.

Sigurd Havarth: Son of Magnus the Mighty and rightful heir to the throne of Caergoth, left the realm to help found Hammarsett out of the city Shanandoah. The short lived realm was a haven for followers of The Way of the Hammer. Sigurd assumed the leadership of the Hammer once Donor left Atamara to alleviate persecution of the faith for war crimes against Coria he accidentally committed. Sigurd has seen the Hammer temple in Shiverwood restored, the birthplace of the religion and works diligently to restore the faith to the lands of the North.

Raud the Iron Fist: Named after Raud Strong, an old family friend of the Crownguard's, his story tells that he was begat on the Southwest Island during Dane's tenure there as Sandalak's Judge and that he was ferried away from the island by his mother when the island sank to some remote corner of the world to be "raised properly". Upon coming of age and arriving on Atamara, he heard of the slaying of his father and was delivered a missive that was intended for him upon Dane's death. What was in that missive is still a mystery as Raud shared it with no one and has taken up lordship as the Count of Tintar while working within the leadership of Darka's military high command.

Iuz Vidar: is the only son of Bergelmir the Fearless, who's mother is rumored to be a lonely giantess from the high mountains of Moramroth. Iuz's initial career began on Dwilight in the realm of Astrum where he quickly gained a lordship and leadership of a great army as Marshal. Something happened to him on his 20th naming day however and his demeanor and visage changed to something overall unpleasant. He took up the life of shadows and left Dwilight for the Colonies to work alongside his monstrous uncle, Garm. Iuz has been the lord of Steepglades for many years and played a key role in the destruction of Giblot, leading Outer Tilog's armies on assault after assault against the humans.