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Located on::Beluaterra
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Rural
East Islands
Farming, Fishing

A hinterland in the realm of Lux Nova, Ovujemeh is a quiet costal region, distinguished by the thriving farmlands that cover its rolling hills.

Small farming villages are scattered evenly through the wolds, to be replaced by those of fisher-folk at the border with the sea.

The main features of the region are to be found along the southern cliffs: Stormbay Keep guards the mouth of a little river, and the Grand Observatory stands atop a hill at what can feel like the edge of the world.

It was in Ovujemeh that Readwit Reodling founded the Light of Obeah faith, and it is here that the main temple of that religion may be found.

Former Description:

Welcome to Ovujemeh, Jemeh for short!

Proud Rabbit Capital of the World! Jemeh boasts and over abundance of the little vermin! Thanks to the recent Viscount's, Ackley Arrandal's, efforts to encourage his peasants to breed like rabbits, he sent each newlywed a pair of rabbits to show them how its done. So now not only does Jemeh have more newborns than it has had in years of the human variety, it seems that the rabbits multiply at a faster rate...

Not to be bested, Lord Ackley introduced a cook book filled with countless amazing and delicious recipes for rabbits, you can find a copy in each house because Lord Ackley is very generous to his peasants! http://www.wildrabbitcookbook.com/

"Oh such a kindly lord 'e is...stupid but kindly..." One resident was known to say!

And so great wealth of food has come to Jemeh, and the grateful peasants are singing Lord Ackley's praises, in verses just like this one!

"Oh....we wash with rabbits,

we sow with rabbits,

we stew with rabbits,

and bathe with 'em.

Im so heartily sick of rabbits,

stewed rabbits,

pie'd rabbits,

bread rabbits,

off with Ackley's head with 'em!"


"ha ha, yes, yes I've heard the song" Lord Ackley said, "Of course Peasants cant really read so I dont blame them for getting a few lyrics wrong. Im sure they dont mean it the way it sounds."


And now to continue on this tourists guide, let me tell you a little about what we like to call home, or the ass end of the world...

Jemeh is a rich farmland stretching along the new coast....new coast since Xween was sunk by the darkness when the Daimon Lords invaded our continent, Ovujemeh was saved by the skin of their teeth and still the tales are told of the great losses of land that the world suffered.

As a consequence though, Jemeh does boast the best beaches in all of Riombara! Which are open to the public, and have Inns dotted along the coast, we wouldnt want you to remain sober and starving while you swim! Ridiculous idea that!

Feel free to roam the rich farmland if that is your passion, however avoid the crops and close the gates so the animals dont get out. One Lord left a gate open once and oh the go on about that, was the fight of the century on who owned what cow, until Ackley decided a feast was in order much to the consternation of the cow owners..but to the delight of the other peasants!

There are numerous small villages throughout the region, but keep to yourself in Brunhilla located in the north-east corner of Jemeh, this village is known to have a bad reputation, of sell swords, thieves and prostitutes. The local Lord feels that there should be allowed one such town to keep the rest of the land mostly safe. In return the locals keep to piracy on the seas, and robbery of anyone stupid enough to come near Brunhilla - you have been warned!

The Viscount estate was moved to the North-West corner of Jemeh after the Great War to take advantage of the new Northern coastline for defensive purposes, that, and the fact that the old Estates were decimated and would take years to rebuild as it was. So now there is a great castle that hangs over the edge of the Northern sea cliff, a warning to any ships that come near.

Jemeh prides itself on the toughness of its people, so far from the Capital of Riombara, they liken Jemeh to be the arse end of the world. They have to do for themselves, are the last to get news and visitors, and so they fairly self-sufficient and hardy. Despite the Dandy Lords with new fangled ideas that sometimes come and take up residence in the Castle - this is no reference to Lord Ackley at all! (Although he is good in a fight and means well).

The main town of Ovujemeh, Guildford, is half a days ride from the Lords Estate, In the center stands a monument to the Old Gods and Goddesses. The Monument consist of a large park, called Hetland Park, with a sacred Grove of seven trees. In the center is an alter dedicated to the old ways. On High holidays when the old Lord (before Lord Ackley) is home, there was sure to be a ceremony, bonfire, and a feast for all. Lord Ackley the blessings be upon him, practices tolerance and allows the monument and feast days to go unhindered. However, he has built a temple to his religion, Quintarianism, in new grounds in the Southern sector of Guildford, and one must say that he has given this a lot of thought, since it matches the Grove in beauty and serenity. He had placed, 5 statues of the Holy 5 in a circle in the center of the park all facing each other, with the Holy Father facing the Holy Mother and the Bastard standing beside the Holy Father, keeping him out of view of the Father, in deference to the Father, but still in view of the Mother. A ring of clipped hedges, standing at shoulder height circle round and round the Holy 5, turning into a maze, but the Holy 5 stand in view to all across the park.

Some say that Lord Ackley had installed a secret passage way below the Holy 5, and that if the statues are turned in a secret way, that this door would open and entrance can be gained. What lies beneath is anyones guess, and perhaps it is just a tale to warm the night when there is nothing else to speak about. But I tell you this, something draws pesant and noble alike to these Holy 5, so what is in the crypt beneath? I dont know, all I know, is that it must be powerful stuff...

And so friends and visitors this ends the tale of Ovujemeh for now... I am sure as time rolls on, there will be more tales told of great Ovujemeh...all that remains is the writing of it.

The Blind Bard of Ovujemeh, who despite himeslf, really does like rabbit stew!