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==Standard Play Islands==
==Standard Play Islands==
These islands are ones without additional themes.  These islands are:
These islands are ones without additional themes.  These islands are:
* [[Atamara]]
* [[East Island]]  
* [[East Island]]  
* [[Far East|Far East Island]]
* [[Far East|Far East Island]]

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There are several different styles of islands to play in battlemaster. Each island also has developed its own character as the characters that reside and pass through these varied lands shape the very nature and life of the individual islands.

Standard Play Islands

These islands are ones without additional themes. These islands are:

Themed Island

Currently, there are only two themed islands, Beluaterra and Dwilight. Far East Island used to be a themed island, but that idea was eventually abandoned.


Beluaterra is an island where civilization has only a tenuous foothold. Monsters, the undead, and various low plagues of that nature threaten to push the human settlers into the sea. Massive invasions tend to happen at infrequent intervals, but so far the human realms have successfully defended themselves from the invading hordes. Next time, they may not be so lucky...

Because of the distance and the fact that civilization has not yet fully taken root, there are no families native to Beluaterra and any characters must emigrate there from another island -- nobody can start a character on Beluaterra.

The Beluaterra is one of two testing islands (the other being Dwilight). Many of BattleMaster's new features are tried here before they are added to other islands.


Dwilight is based around SMA which means that characters are expected to have more medieval names and behave like medieval nobles.

One Turn-a-Day Island

The Colonies is a slower paced island that completes one turn every 24 hours, as opposed to one turn every 12 hours. This allows for a different style of play as it moves at half-paced game time, but still manages to be full-paced interaction. If you're looking for a truly "lightweight" version of the battlemaster game and can only commit to logging into battlemaster once a day, the Colonies might be the place for you.