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The current generation of the Greystoke family hails from the Frundi region in the Colonies. The Greystoke nobles are supported largely through huge dairy herds. While the Frundi region is mostly badlands, the Greystokes have been awarded large tracts of rolling green hills on the border of Frundi. Though hilly terrain might be poor for crops, the grassland is ideal for large herds of dairy cattle.

The current list of Greystoke "family" members is:

  • Lord John Greystoke - the current head of the Greystokes.
  • Lady Jane Greystoke - the real controller of the family ("The head may control the body, but the neck moves the head!")
  • Brian Greystoke - manages the Gwynneth family (Lady Janes family) lands as the sole male of age on that side.
  • Daffyd Greystoke - was serving as a knight of Cummaol, a region of Carelia, on Atamara. His liege was Count Silverowl. He now manages the Greystoke lands after Lord John's illness.
  • Ian Greystoke - retired and missing. He has not been heard of in quite awhile.
  • Edmund Greystoke - A trader of Ethiala on Far East Island. He was a knight of Talex, a region of Ethiala. His liege was Duke Kiljaden. Now his liege is Baron Jeselek of Lantzas, the Banker of Ethiala. Now he is a Count and lord of Larmebsi.
  • Guilliam Greystoke - A newly arrived troop leader of Ethiala on Far East Island. He is

The Family

Lord John Greystoke

Apparently no one knows where Lord John came from. He is not originally from Frundi. He was made a Lord despite no Royal Blood, and given large tracts of dairy land, all due to a mysterious service to the leader of that realm.

No one (except possibly Lady Jane) knows what service he performed for the crown, but he does have a pronounced limp, and his left arm was very badly burned, nearly to the point of uselessness. Both wounds were apparently earned performing this mysterious sevice.

Quite recently, while walking his beloved hills, he fell and lay there for half a day before any of the people found him. He was carried home and under the care of the healers for several days. He is up and walking again, but his smile is one-sided and his speech is funny. His mind appears clear, but he does seem to daydream quite frequently, sometimes in mid-conversation. Daffyd was called home take the burden of overseeing the land.

So now Lord John seems to spend his days walking his hills (never alone!) or visiting with the people of his lands. How do his people think of him? There is a large preponderance of children named John in his lands, and there are hundreds of kids who call him Grandpa, despite the fact that all know he has never been unfaithful to Lady Jane!

Lady Jane Greystoke

Lady Jane Greystoke (born Jane Gwynneth)is a natural daughter of Frundi. Born and raised there, she helped manage her families dairy business, until Lord John won her heart. Lord John would say "I tried a massive onslaught, I tried a sneak attack. I tried an ambush, and I tried a fast overrun. It was the long, slow siege that finally won. just like many a real battle!"

When asked, Lady Jane will admit that she married Lord John with his limp and bad arm anyway. When asked about what his mysterious service was, she says she doesn't know, but she turns deadly pale, and quickly changes the subject.

Lady Jane was and still is the master of the Greystokes. "The Head of the family may rule, but the neck chooses where the head looks!" Lady Jane missed her true calling, as she would have made a wonderful queen. Strong when needed, gentle when possible, for her diplomacy was a natural gift. She actually managed the family house and business. She would implement Lord John's wishes when it suited her, and somehow got him to change his wishes when they conflicted with hers.

She also managed the children. Occaissionally, Lord John would step in and yell at the kids before she could. This would make them all scatter, even though they were more afraid of Lady Janes punishments. Lady Jane would smile, and let Lord John believe he had rescued her from impertinent children.

Brian Greystoke

Daffyd Greystoke

Ian Greystoke

Edmund Greystoke

Markus Greystoke