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The self-proclaimed holy man/woman

This is like a priest class for commoners, but comes with several other aspects. As a commoner, the character is nothing but a wayside lunatic ranting on about whatever faith he follows. He doesn't enjoy the protection of nobility and probably isn't recognized by any religions. People are less inclined to stop and listen to him as they suspect he might be working with someone to pick their pockets. BUT! Anyone can start preaching on a street corner. You don't need to be a member of any religion and you don't need to be a noble. And if you're good enough, people will listen too. And donations go to you, not the church. Because you have no church.

--- Suggestions welcome! :)

Commoner classes:
Well thats a rather good idea.
There should also be a thief and some other things(i belive i have suggested before, on wishlist, bandit and bounty hunter).

Thief breaks in to houses, if he is cauth he should be punished accordingly to the plase he was cauth in.
In slums he gets beaten and robed clean, rarely handed to the guards (sience meny poor usualy did unlawful things).
In some medium place 50 - 50 chance to get beaten or get in to dungeon.
In houses and residenc of nobles and higer class, you usualy get in to dungeon.

Of course he can escape if he is spotted, depending on adventurer skill or infiltration skill.(witch they cant train but can level at it by thieving)
And if is beaten then escape depends on swordfighting (witch could count for any melee thing).
Metsamees 06:58, 4 December 2007 (CET)