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The idea here is to make a basic list of commodities which would hopefully one day be added to the trading game. It is important to keep in mind this is not trademaster, but I would suggest that the following commodities not be movable by ox cart so traders are required for the benefits. However not all realms have traders so the effects of having the extra commodities should be a balance between usefulness and necessity. The lack of commodities should not hurt a region in anyway, but the presence of commodities should provide a nice incentive for trade. Another way to encourage trade would be to limit production of each commodity to a single region type. Realms could ban certen goods so that they can only be sold on the black marcket. This could be used if a realm makes most of its money from tradeing wool. Its allie could be bribed to refues the wool crippling its econnamy and making it ripe for invasion.



Already in the game. It is produced in all regions (higher in woodland) and used for building structures within a region. A wish has been made that wood is consumed like food is by a region. I would like to see that wood be consumed for repairs of structures due to looting, or included in the upkeep cost of structures in a region where gold is currently listed.


Stone should only be produced in mountain regions? and its main purpose would be for fortifications. Having sufficient stone in the region can reduce the cost to build and repair fortifications. It is possible for a realm to get by entirely without stone. The real benefit comes when building upper level fortifications such as fortresses and citadels.


Iron should be produced only in mountain regions. Its main purpose would be for repairs. Having Iron in the region would reduce repair cost for troop leaders making repairs in the region. A realm should have no problem getting by without iron and instead have its nobles pay the standard price for repairs. Another idea (which I doubt will be added) is that Iron present would give troops recruited from the region an extra 5% in weapons and armour.


Ale would be only produced in Cities? Townlands? Having Ale present would lower morale loss in a region and/or boost morale. Entertainment in regions with Ale would be cheaper or have a greater effect on troops. Troops recruited in a region with sufficient Ale will get a morale boost and cohesion boost from their starting values.


Used to make clothes in citys. Made in Rural reigons on land which could otherwise be used for farming. Gives Lord nice chose gold and few sheperds or food and many farmers. Like what happned in scotland in the 1800s. Should give bonus in citys, i.e higher moral/richer econamy (only tiny bonus per sale). Should only be made in rural/non-city reagions.


Can be sold for much money in citys. Made in rural reagions. The same as Wool but diffrent citys might want diffrent goods.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions--Aralaiquendi 17:37, 5 May 2007 (CEST)

These should be good things but dont include boesus. It would be like a game for Traders. They could buy things and sell them. There would be the opption for reagion lords to set prices and to produce things. E.G Ale is made in townsted A. Traders can buy it for 24gold. They then load it onto carvans and take it too city B where they sell it for 50gold.