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New Government System

Some what like a tyranny but more military driven. i havent come up with a name yet, but this is how it is so far. there is a dictator, incharge of electing officals and can overrule any right or order by anyone else. the dictator is not elected. he must win a duel to the death against the current ruler. and then he becomes it, until someone else challenges him. the realm is really effected by CS. regions will revolt if a CS, based on population, is not met. so there must be troops to keep the peasents in line. if there is that amount of CS in the region the military can basically do anything they want. raise tax level to what normal regions would revolt, have drafts of local reqruitment centers, and even loot their own regions. this makes the realm have a very strong military to support regions. the peasents will always be jumpy and if an enemy realm wins a battle in the region they will almost always support them (send militia to their side or just join their realm). the peasents will also lose loyality every time a ruler is replaced because of a internal duel. if regions are at their highest realm control (100% on everything) then all recruitment centers will have more men a turn and will have a slightly reduced cost. nobles that are priests or traders will not be allowed a rank of anything above noble and wont get any benifits on a tax system.

this would add an interesting aspect to come new realms. although it needs revisions and some work it really could be fun. the hard part would be the beginning of a new realm. please tell me your comments